Experiential Learning

At CUHK, a large variety of co-curricular experiential learning opportunities are available to students to complement the formal curriculum. Such opportunities include mentorship programmes, leadership development, overseas student exchanges, and other research, internship and service programmes. All these help students to broaden their horizons and achieve an all-round development.

Mentorship Programmes

CUHK students benefit from mentoring by seasoned professionals, many of them alumni of CUHK. The mentorship programmes are organized by the Office of Student Affairs, the Colleges and the Faculties. Through contacts with their mentors, students learn about the practices and ethics of different professions and receive pertinent advice on their studies and career aspirations.

Leadership Programmes

The I‧CARE Leadership Programme organized by the Office of University General Education provides leadership training to committed students. Its rigorous regime aims to teach leadership skills, instill policy making acumen and sensitize participants to current global issues. The Management Leadership Training Programme under the Office of Student Affairs upgrades students' leadership and management skills through interactions, visits and seminars with their counterparts from Taiwan, Macau and the mainland.

Overseas Exchange Programmes

CUHK has academic exchange arrangements with over 200 higher-education institutions in 28 countries/regions around the world. At present, over 20% of our students are able to gain overseas exchange opportunities of at least one semester. Another 2,000 students undertake short-term study, research or internship opportunities outside Hong Kong every year. Credit units earned on approved exchanges are recognized and can be transferred back to CUHK.

Research, internship, service

Students may go on field, study or research trips during the summer to gain wider exposure, acquire new skills, carry out research with our partnering institutions or render service either locally or in faraway locales. They also enjoy a variety of internship opportunities in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas. The Global Internship Programme organized by the Office of Student Affairs enables students to intern at corporations in Europe, North America, Australia as well as China and many parts of Asia. Some may choose to contribute their service to humanitarian or other worthy causes. Such service programmes are organized by the Colleges, the Faculties and the University, and are given increasingly greater emphasis.


A student's co-curricular experiential trajectory over the course of studies will be captured by the "I•CARE" framework which has been formulated to systematically record each student's out-of-class activities, services and achievements. The framework covers five aspects of a student's whole-person development, namely:

  • Integrity and moral development
  • Creativity and intellectual development
  • Appreciation of life and aesthetic development
  • Relationships and social development
  • Energy and wellness

The portfolio from the "I•CARE" framework will be beneficial to students' career development, further studies and other personal goals.