First-Year Experience

The first year is a crucial time for students to build a good foundation for university learning, a year when expectations are communicated, standards set and raised. A successful First-Year Experience helps students set goals for themselves, develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning, and build a sense of belonging to the University as a community of learners. Students become self-directed learners who take full advantage of learning opportunities the University provides.

The First-Year Experience at CUHK takes an integrated approach to student learning and development through curriculum design, student support programmes and extra-curricular activities.

The University Core and Faculty Packages, much of which is taken in the first year, are designed to facilitate student transition by developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to independent learning. Meaningful relationships with teachers and fellow students from different academic disciplines can be established through small group interaction in some of these courses.

Beyond the classroom, orientation activities are offered before students commence their study. Student support services and programmes, both academic and social, are tailored to the needs of first year students. Various extra-curricular activities organized by the Office of Student Affairs and the Colleges also encourage first year students' participation, widening their exposure and enriching their learning.