CUHK students will graduate with a high level of bilingual proficiency. In the four-year curriculum, students are required to fulfill the language requirements in the form of 6 credit units in Chinese and 9 credit units in English.

Chinese Language
Students are required to take two 3-unit courses (totaling 6 units), preferably within the 1st year and the 2nd year, on Chinese language designed to consolidate and reinforce their command of the language, inculcate critical thinking that crosses temporal and cultural boundaries, and enhance their ability to communicate in an effective and articulated manner.
Courses Year to be Taken Units
University Chinese I 1st 3
University Chinese II 2nd 3
Total 6
English Language
In the first year, all students will undertake a 4-unit Foundation English Course that focuses on a comprehensive English competence needed for university studies. At present, this foundation course offers students the opportunity to engage in multi-modal learning activities, and has been piloted by the English Language Teaching Unit. Students' English proficiency will be further upgraded in the second and third years by customized, discipline-specific English language courses.
Courses Year to be Taken Units
Foundation English for University Studies 1st 4
English for specific disciplines I 2nd 3
English for specific disciplines II 3rd 2
Total 9