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Certificate Authority

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What's New

CUHK Server Certificates will be gradually sunset and be decommissioned on 31 Dec, 2015. Please click here for details.

Quick Links:
  1. Introduction to PKI

  2. The CUHK Certificate Authority

    1. Types of certificates
    2. Fingerprint of CUHK
    3. Root CA Certificate
    4. Key backup and recovery
    5. Certification Policy Statement

  3. How to apply for a CUHK Digital Certificate?

    1. Eligibility
    2. Application procedures
    3. Certificate renewal
    4. Secure user verification and certificate collection

  4. How to use a CUHK Digital Certificate?

    1. Install CUHK Root CA Certificate
    2. Client cert
      1. Common software packages that support digital certificate
      2. Certificate stores
      3. Installation
      4. Backup your private key
      5. Sending secure email

  5. Web-applications Using HKPost Digital Certificate

  6. Security Issues

    Tips to safeguard your private key

  7. FAQ

  8. Others

    1. HKSAR Electronic Transactions Ordinance
    2. Hong Kong Post CA
    3. Hong Kong PKI Forum

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