Our long term aim was, and still is, the development at The Chinese  University of Hong Kong of a Centre of Excellence in Materials Research  for the region of Hong Kong and Southern China. This excellence will be  manifested in the form of local recognition in the Hong Kong area and in international recognition through exchanges and collaboration.


The research interests of the members of  the MSTRC cover a wide range of materials: elemental and compound  semiconductors, exotic ceramics, metal alloys, nanomaterials, organic  semiconductors, polymers, and biomaterials. Work is under way on the  fundamental properties and on processing, as bulk or as thin films, of  single crystals, hetero-epitaxial layers, micro/nano-crystalline  materials, amorphous and porous semiconductors. A particular emphasis is the analysis of properties by various forms of spectroscopy, scanning  probe microscopy, and ion beam analysis.
As part of a centrally funded Inter-institutional Microelectronics  Consortium the CUHK group has been designated a centre of excellence in  electronic materials. This provided the basic funding for the  establishment of a 2 MeV tandem accelerator which has been operational  since 1996, which is the sole one in this kind in South China. Very  recently, MSTRC members have secured several special equipment grants  supported by University Grants Committee (UGC), one of the major funding agencies in Hong Kong.

Projects under the envelope of the MSTRC involve interdisciplinary collaboration among members of the departments involved.


Materials Sciences and Technology Research Centre


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