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Course Information

Course List

Course Code Course Title Unit(s)
CHEM1070 Principles of Modern Chemistry 3
CHEM1072 General Chemistry 3
CHEM1280 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biomolecules 3
CHEM1300 Fundamentals in Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM1380 Basic Chemistry for Engineers 3
CHEM1870 Essential Experimental Chemistry 2
CHEM2110 Fundamentals of Spectroscopic Analysis 2
CHEM2120 Main Group Chemistry 2
CHEM2200* Organic Functional Groups: Structure and Reactivity 2
CHEM2270 Student Oriented Teaching 1
CHEM2300* Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium 2
CHEM2310* Introduction to Quantum Chemistry 2
CHEM2382 Chemistry of Life 2
CHEM2400 Analytical Chemistry 2
CHEM2860 Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I 4
CHEM2870 Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II 4
CHEM3130* Transition Metal Chemistry 2
CHEM3220 Organic Reactions: Reactivity and Selectivity 2
CHEM3230 Physical Organic Chemistry and Aromatics 2
CHEM3320 Chemical Kinetics 2
CHEM3340 Introduction to Material Chemistry 2
CHEM3410 Instrumental Analysis 2
CHEM3420 Accreditation of Laboratory Tests 2
CHEM3810 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM3820 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM3830 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM3840 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHEM3860 Transitional Metal Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM3870 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory 2
CHEM3880 Quality Testing Laboratory 2
CHEM4010 Problem-based Learning in Testing and Accreditation I 0
CHEM4020 Problem-based Learning in Testing and Accreditation II 4
CHEM4030 Problem-based Learning in Chemistry I 0
CHEM4040 Problem-based Learning in Chemistry II 4
CHEM4100 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM4110 Organometallic Chemistry 2
CHEM4120 Bioinorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM4200 Organic Chemistry in Life 2
CHEM4210 Introduction to Chemical Biology 2
CHEM4230 Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly 2
CHEM4302 Statistical Thermodynamics 2
CHEM4400 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 2
CHEM4440 Food Testing and Environmental Analysis 2
CHEM4470 Internship in Accredited Laboratory 2
CHEM4480 Undergraduate Special Project I 1
CHEM4490 Undergraduate Special Project II 1
CHEM4630 Asymmetric Organic Synthesis 2
CHEM4640 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
CHEM4710 Quantum Chemistry 2
CHEM4730 Special Topics in Chemistry 2
CHEM4780 Mass Spectrometry 2
CHEM4784 Bioanalytical Methods 2
CHEM4785 Industrial Chemistry 2
CHEM4788 Chemical Applications in Forensic Science 2
CHEM4960 Research in Chemical Science I 2
CHEM4970 Research in Chemical Science II 2
CHEM4980 Undergraduate Thesis I 0
CHEM4990 Undergraduate Thesis II 4
CHEM5080 Introduction to Macromolecules 2
CHEM5301 Colloids and Surface Chemistry 2
CHEM5302 Statistical Mechanics 2
CHEM5530 Advanced Organometallic Chemistry 2
CHEM5540 Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM5550 Organolanthanide Chemistry 2
CHEM5560 Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis 2
CHEM5620 Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM5630 Synthesis of Natural Products 2
CHEM5642 Supramolecular Chemistry 2
CHEM5660 Advanced Organic Chemistry: Structures and Mechanisms 2
CHEM5680 Introduction to Chemical Biology 2
CHEM5780 Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules 2
CHEM5781 Advanced NMR Spectroscopy 2
CHEM5782 Principles of Biomolecular NMR Spectoscopy 2
CHEM5783 Introduction to Laser Spectroscopy 2
CHEM5784 Instrumental Analysis of Biomolecules 2
CHEM5910 Current Topics in Chemistry 2
CHEM5930 Molecular Quantum Mechanics 2
STAR2000 Undergraduate Research in Science I 1
STAR2050 Seminar I 1
STAR3000 Undergraduate Research in Science II 2
STAR3050 Seminar II 1
STAR4000 Undergraduate Research in Science III 3
STAR4050 Seminar III 1


* Course units of the following CHEM courses will be revised from 2 to 3 units with effect from the academic year listed below. Students admitted before 2019-20 should have already taken these courses before the revision.

Courses Effective year
CHEM2200, 2300 and 2310 2020-21
CHEM3130, 3320 and 3410 2021-22