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Placement for CLC Chinese Language Programme Students


  Who need a placement test?

Non-native Chinese speaking students who (1) are not beginner of Chinese language or (2) intend to enroll a course other than level 1 are highly encouraged to take the placement test prior to arrival and registration in Hong Kong. Your cooperation will facilitate class planning and place students to an appropriate level in advance as much as possible.

  What is covered in the placement test?

Cantonese courses: only oral placement is needed. You are required to answer a few questions.

Putonghua courses for non-native Chinese speakers: both written and oral placements are needed. The written placement includes tasks like translation, reading comprehension and vocabulary recognition. In the oral placement, you are required to answer a few questions.


Please submit your course application form first. Placement will not be given to one which has not completed the application procedure.

2. Choose the written placement version and format according to your choice and click the link for downloading. (Applicable to Putonghua programmes for non-native speakers only)
3. Click the appropriate link for oral placement. (Not applicable to programmes for native Chinese speakers)
4. Submit the saved file for No. 2 to 3 to clcplacement@cuhk.edu.hk. We will inform you of the level and/ or class once the placement result is ready.
5. If you do not have the device for computer oral placement, you can use similar devices like MP3 and smart-phone recorder to record your speech performance. Other procedures remain the same. If there is not any voice recording device, Putonghua students please at least send in the written placement.

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Putonghua for non-native Chinese speakers



Simplified version

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Traditional version

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Putonghua/ Cantonese for non-native Chinese speakers Oral (Putonghua)
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