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Practical Design Thinking for Curriculum / Course Design

Description: Design Thinking for the curriculum/course design is now a trend in higher education. We may have known the concept, the theory of the approaches and the technics. Yet, we may all face the same problem—how can we implement the idea into our actual practice?

This course is about practical technics on each approach in Design Thinking. We have guest speakers to share their experiences on working with this conceptual idea in their workplace. Also, you will have opportunities to prototype your course/ curriculum with feedback.

Homework will be assigned after each tutorial. Participants are required to submit their assignments every week. Feedback will be given on each submission. At the end of the course, participants will have a course/curriculum/lesson design prototype as a final product.

A certificate of completion will be offered to those participants who attend all the webinars and tutorials and submit the assignments. By completing this course, the participants will be considered as completing PDC Part III as well.

Facilitator(s): Prof. Carmen Wong, JSPHPC

Duration: 4 weeks: with one 30-min Webinar and one 60-min Tutorial per week

Date & Time: May 2022

Webinar: Flexible (participants will be given the link to the Webinar each week.)

Online Tutorial: By appointment after each Webinar.

Target Audience: All teachers and teaching support staff

Medium of Instruction: English

Registration: Practical Design Thinking for Curriculum / Course Design (21-22) (cuhk.edu.hk)

(By register to this course, you are expected to attend all four webinars & tutorials, and complete the given tasks.)

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