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Practical Design Thinking for Curriculum / Course Design (2022-23)

Course Overview: Design thinking enhances problem solving, creativity and innovation. This course is a step to step in using design thinking for curriculum/course innovation or redesign.

The concepts, theory of approaches and techniques of design thinking as well as pedagogical approaches to learning, implementation and evaluation will be covered.

This practical and experience-sharing course can enable you to plan a design prototype ready to test in the classroom/ during the semester.

Instructor: Prof. Carmen Wong
(the awardee of the 2020 University Grants Committee Teaching Award)

Project Coordinator: Ms Sandra Wong
(Phone: 22528701      Email: designthink@cuhk.edu.hk
Office Location: 401 JSPHPC, PWH)

Duration: 4 weeks (Total 12 hours)

Tutorial Date & Time: 5 August , 12 August*, 19 August, 26 August

(Group A) 11am-12 noon
(Group B) 12 noon-1pm

* Special arrangement for the tutorial on this day.
(Group A) 1pm-2pm
(Group B) 2pm-3pm

**Please note this is an intensive course requiring course attendance and worksheet assignments. Please check your schedule commitments. Other time slots will be made available later in the academic year

Format: One 45 minute e-lecture, worksheet and 1 hour interactive tutorial per week for FOUR weeks.

Plus a final assignment to be completed by 1 month after the last tutorial for individual feedback and a certification of completion.

Criteria: Course coordinators, program directors, or educators in charge of a programme want to improve the design/redesign. This course to open to all UGC universities

Quota: 30

Registration: CUHK Participants:

Non-CUHK Participants:

Course Schedule:
Week Format Subject
1 Webinar and tutorial Design thinking approach and defining individual design aims
2 Webinar and tutorial Exploration, empathy and refining design aims
3 Webinar and tutorial Pedagogy, strategies and generating ideas
4 Webinar and tutorial Prototype, challenges and evaluation

A certificate of completion will be offered to those participants who attend all the lessons and submit the assignments.


Post-course assignment
All participants must submit a course summary, CTE, and their course design aims before the course starts.

Weekly tasks will be assigned after each webinar. Participants are required to submit their assignments every week and will have a further discussion during the tutorial session.

Post Assignment
Participants must submit a course/curriculum design in detail prototype and evaluation within 1 month after the course.

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