Senior Research Fellow
Dr. NG Wai Yin Will 吳偉賢


502, Hui Yeung Shing Building,
Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T.

  Phone (852) 3943 4054
  Fax (852) 3942 0918
  E-mail waiyinng@cuhk.edu.hk
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MA PhD (cantab)


Dr Ng has been teaching engineering and liberal arts courses in both school and university levels. He also has experience in academic research, technology consulting, business start-up, and community services. He has been lecturer in electronics (1988-1989), admission tutor of Faculty of Engineering (1990-1992), lecturer (later re-titled associate professor) in information engineering (1989-2013), and Dean of General Education in S H Ho College (2009-2013), all in CUHK. He joins CLEAR in Sep 2013.


Being a professed interdisciplinary researcher, Dr Ng focuses not on a single area or topic but rather on a general concern of human intelligence and its enhancement. He has been interested in understanding the human visual system from a computational perspective, with a view to teaching the computer how to code, process and display visual information with good intelligence. This interest has since broadened to a fascination with natural intelligence, and mining of fundamental principles therein that are useful in engineering. Since joining CLEAR, he spends time in learning about transferable skills and attitudes of both students and teachers in CUHK, and thinking about how to overcome instrumentality for the sake of authentic education (“真教育”).


(Updated as at December 2014)  


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