Diffusion of eLearning Pedagogies to Enhance Sustainability and Collaboration – The Roles and Responsibilities of ELITE (Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology)

Principal Supervisors

Professor Chun Ka Wai Cecilia


2 years and 8 months

Approved Budget

HK $1,940,000

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  • Brief write-up
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eLearning creates a technology enhanced environment in which independent learning takes place through an interaction between the learners and teaching content usually presented visually together with learning tasks completed either online (e.g. MOOCs) or in face-to-face interaction in the classroom (e.g. flipped classroom). Production of eLearning course materials, therefore, integrates three elements, namely, content, pedagogy and technology. Teachers are experts in content but not all teachers are experts in technology and pedagogy. With the view to building up teachers’ and the University’s capacities in eLearning, the University has, since the last decade, through strategic investment on people, hardware and software strengthened the technological infrastructure and learning environment. Recently, the establishment of the Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology (ELITE) further marks an important step as a central unit dedicated for pedagogical and technical support in developing eLearning strategies.

ELITE has reviewed its service in the past eight months since its opening. We can step up our services on different fronts in order to help the University further advance the development and promotion of eLearning. This proposed project is formulated to focus on two areas, in particular, (i) providing further support to teachers for developing eLearning course materials and strengthening the ELITE team, and (ii) centralizing the dissemination of good practices of eLearning pedagogies (e.g. flipped-classroom) among CUHK teachers.

In terms of sustainability, the platform, mechanisms and communities will continue to serve the CUHK communities and so are the deliverables. The project will contribute to the transformation and provision of an alternative environment of teaching and learning in the University.

Brief write-up

Project objectives

The project is aimed to:
  • enhance the capacity of ELITE to provide technical and pedagogical support to teachers and departments on eLearning courseware development and production;
  • organize hands-on workshop series on software and other eLearning pedagogical design issues to facilitate the production and usage of eLearning course materials; and
  • promote CUHK teachers’ awareness of and reflection on the flipped-classroom approach.

Activities, process and outcomes

  • Provision of technical support to teachers by the Media Production Specialists for producing different styles of micro-modules, MOOCs, and AR/VR courseware;
  • Consultations on instructional designs provided to teachers by the Instructional Designer;
  • Seminars and workshops on eLearning tools and software, e.g. Camtasia and Go Animate; and
  • Production of animation clips for eLearning courseware by animator.

Deliverables and evaluation

  • Our media production team produced more than three hundred video clips, which were utilized in hundreds of online micro-modules for flipped teaching across the eight faculties of the University.
  • eLearning tools seminars and workshops were organized for more than 200 participants.

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

  • The various ways to apply technology in teaching and learning were disseminated to teachers through seminars and workshops, individual consultations and technical support and development of eLearning courseware by staff of ELITE.
  • Teachers were invited to share their practices and experience of using the service and support of ELITE at seminars and workshops. The interest of some teachers (e.g. from School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Social Science) was sustained by their engagement and willingness to try out more new technology like AR/VR.

Video Report

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