eLearning Community of Practice (eLCoP)
Principal Supervisors

Professor Paul Lam


1 year and 8 months

Approved Budget

HK $342,000

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  • Brief write-up
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  • eLearning Community of Practice promotes Innovation and Design through the spreading of good practices.

  • Substantial development of eLearning in recent years has created a continuous need for teachers to learn about different new tools and innovative teaching methods. Many teachers face the challenge to incorporate the ever-changing technologies into their teaching domains.

  • Although some pioneering teachers have already accumulated a large amount of knowledge and experiences of eLearning, the acquired experiences are not always exchanged between teachers in a systematic manner.

  • Communities of Practice (CoP), a concept introduced by Lave and Wenger in 1991, have proven themselves effective in several domains such as education and medicines in creating an environment in which experts and novices can learn together to further improve their professional practices. For example, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University established five CoPs in 2012 for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning. Teachers are always in a better position to influence each other in their practice and university-level support should be provided to facilitate these exchanges.

  • The proposed project therefore aims to build a Community of Practice on eLearning in CUHK where enthusiastic teachers can connect to learn from one another and to promote the use of technology in teaching and learning.

  • The deliverables will include: i) formation and further development of a Community of Practice; ii) active dissemination of eLearning ideas and resources through numerous events held by the CoP; and iii) publications/online resources be made to showcase the work of the CoP.

Brief write-up

Project objectives

The project aims to build a Community of Practice on eLearning in CUHK, where enthusiastic academics connect and learn from one another, to promote and enhance the use of technology in teaching and learning. As well as facilitating the dissemination, sharing and advancement of good practice, pedagogies and strategies through teachers’ forming close communities and giving each other mutual support.

Activities, process and outcomes

The eLCoP has gathered academics from different faculties who are interested in eLearning and teaching. Seven sub-groups have now been formed. Several kinds of activities and social events were organised (i.e. group meetings, workshops, seminars and visiting tour) during the project period. Apart from simply sharing of teaching tips, some of the sub-groups have initiated new developments.

Deliverables and evaluation

We facilitated and supported a number of sub-groups focusing on various aspects on eLearning. Members appreciated that the eLCoP has provided an opportunity for them to extend their academic network, they were supported and had been carrying out innovative teaching, which was inspired after their exploratory discussions in group gatherings.

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

A project website has been launched and serves as a platform where members and academics showcase good practices and resources that are useful for staff development, and which is kept updated on the achievements of communities. The project team also actively promoted the community through different and eLearning related events within CUHK. The community also explored presentation opportunity outside CUHK, to facilitate the academic exchange with other institutions.

Video Report

Please click the following link for viewing the report.