eLearning Good Practices − Pedagogical Support in the Form of Micro-Module Resources
Principal Supervisors

Professor Paul Lam


1 year

Approved Budget

HK $252,000

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  • Blackboard Learn SaaS was selected as the next university-wide Learning Management System (LMS) for the academic year 2017-18 and after. Panopto is to serve the video recording and broadcasting needs of teachers and students campus-wide in the beginning of 2018.

  • Many teachers are willing to use innovative teaching and learning strategies but they will need support to let them see the linkage between the new technology and their needs.

  • For example, teachers may have difficulties in locating the right LMS tools to achieve their desired learning outcomes. It may also be hard for some teachers to see how certain pedagogy and teaching approach can be supported by the new technologies.

  • There are a lot of guidelines and demonstration videos on the Internet about how to operate the Blackboard and Panopto tools; but yet, less attention has been paid to address the real needs of teachers – relating the tools (technology) with what is being learnt (content) and how it is taught (pedagogy). The result is that even a teacher has learnt how to use the tool; he/she may not necessarily know how to apply it on the specific courses.

  • The proposed project therefore aims to fill this void by providing the missing links to teachers by integrating the three parts of knowledge teachers need: pedagogy, content and technology in order to prepare them for effective eLearning, following the suggestions in the TPACK framework.

  • The deliverables will include resources in the form of self-accessible modules archived on a website consisting of various micro-lecture videos and teacher interviews for the purpose of teachers’ self-learning.

Brief write-up

Project objectives

The project aimed at 1) producing self-accessible resources that give teachers inspiration and practical guidance to effectively incorporate technology into teaching, and 2) collecting and disseminating effective eLearning practices and strategies from inside and outside of CUHK.

Activities, process and outcomes

Major activities included collection of eLearning good practices from teachers and students by interviews and class observations, and production of animated videos and documentary-style videos to provide pedagogical support. The resources are now used for CUHK teachers’ self-learning and professional development purposes.

Deliverables and evaluation

Four types of resources were produced: 1) pedagogical tips that suggest ways to combine eLearning tools with various instructional strategies; 2) content-specific tips that link technology and content-specific knowledge; 3) cases and stories in CUHK that showcase effective eLearning practices from our faculty members; and 4) updated practical guides of the eLearning tools available in CUHK. Access rates of the eLearning@CUHK website that stored the resources were satisfactory and teacher feedback was generally positive.

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

All the resources produced are disseminated through the eLearning@CUHK website (www.elearning.cuhk.edu.hk) that is constantly promoted and updated by Information Technology Services Centre. These resources strengthened teacher professional training in Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research and could be used in all disciplines. We also introduced the project achievements in the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2018 and the orientation for new teachers. It has been planned that the resources would be enriched and reinforced for use in an international online teacher induction course.

Video Report

Please click the following link for viewing the report.