Support Measures for the Implementation of Criterion-referenced Assessment
Principal Supervisors

Professor Chun Ka Wai Cecilia


1 year and 3 months

Approved Budget

HK $407,200

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  • Brief write-up
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The University has revised its assessment policy and the major thrust of the revision is shifting from using an explicit grade distribution guideline when reporting student performance to adopting criterion-referenced assessment in assessing student performance at course level to align with the Outcomes-based Approach to teaching and learning. The shift to criterion-referenced assessment may have resulted in some concerns and challenges among teachers and students. It has necessitated some support measures to ensure a smooth transition to criterion-referenced assessment.

Against this background, the project is proposed with the following objectives:

  • To identify the challenges, concerns and issues CUHK teachers and students have in face of the shift to criterion-referenced assessment;
  • To enhance the assessment literacy of teachers and students regarding criterion-referenced assessment and other revised assessment practices through different support measures;
  • To enrich the current web page on assessment of CLEAR by integrating resources on criterion-referenced assessment (e.g. good practices, exemplars, frequently asked questions page, etc.); and
  • To package some of the resources in the format of an online course with hands-on exercises and micro-modules.

Brief write-up

Project objectives

This project aims to provide support measures to ensure a smooth implementation of criterion-referenced assessment, to enhance the assessment literacy of CUHK teachers and students, and to enrich the current assessment webpage of Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR).

Activities, process and outcomes

The project involved activities for both teachers and students. Teacher workshops on assessment practices with a focus on criterion-referenced assessment were organised and consultations on assessment rubrics were conducted by CLEAR and an overseas speaker. Activities for students included focus group discussion sessions leading to an online student survey on their understanding and support for different assessment practices and criterion-referenced assessment and workshops on assessment. Micro-modules on criterion-referenced assessment were produced for dissemination. Lastly the assessment page on the CLEAR website was revamped.

Deliverables and evaluation

Project deliverables included
  • literature review on assessment practices
  • eleven teacher sessions and two student sessions on revised assessment practices and criterion-referenced assessment
  • three student focus discussion sessions and an online student survey on their support for and concerns about assessment issues
  • a report on the findings of the student survey
  • two full-day workshops and consultation sessions on criterion-referenced assessment conducted by overseas speaker
  • a micro-module series on criterion-referenced assessment
  • a revamped page on assessment at CLEAR website

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

The deliverables will be made available on the assessment page of the CLEAR for broader dissemination. More professional development activities on criterion-referenced assessment are to be organised by CLEAR.

Video Report

Please click the following link for viewing the report.