Promoting Case-based Teaching and Learning Using an Innovative e-Approach
Principal Supervisors

Dr. Anna Tsui
(Department of Management)
Dr. Fred Ku
(Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics)
Mr. Eric Leung
(School of Accountancy)
Dr. Andrew Yuen
(Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics)


2 years and 6 months

Approved Budget

HK $500,000

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Case-based teaching and learning (T&L) is a well-known pedagogical method for business education. This student-centred, discussion-based T&L approach benefits both students and teachers. It not only helps students prepare for the world of business practice by translating classroom to real-life environment, but also promotes faculty members’ professional development and their stronger relationships with the business community.

Although business teaching cases are available in the market, these cases, predominantly foreign ones, may not suit teachers and students in Hong Kong. Efforts to fill this gap are required. At the same time, there is room for embedding innovative eLearning pedagogies into case-based T&L in order to enhance students’ learning and monitor their progress in different stages. For example, teaching cases may be structured to include micro-modules, videos and/or multimedia materials using an eLearning platform. Students could be engaged in traditional face-to-face classroom discussion, synchronous and asynchronous online activities and a blended approach of learning that align with the eLearning theme of the 2016-19 Academic Development Proposal (ADP) of the University.

In our project, 9 sets of inter-disciplinary cases in local, Chinese or Asian contexts, with teaching notes, videos and/or multimedia materials, will be produced within the project period by a team of case writers. Case writing and teaching workshops and an inter-university conference on case teaching and learning will be organised to promote case T&L in CUHK and among sister tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.

Brief write-up

Project objectives

To promote Case-Based T&L using an innovative and value-added T&L process for both faculty members and students.

Activities, process and outcomes

We produced business cases with teaching notes; videos/multimedia resources; and an eLearning platform. They were local/Asian cases suitable for teaching and learning at various levels in different business disciplines.

We also successfully arranged one Case Writing Workshop; one Case Teaching workshop; and an Inter-University Conference on Case T&L. We also joined the expo organized by CUHK’s Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research and Information Technology Services Centre.

While some members have submitted/will submit cases in international case centre(s), one of the members had joined an international case conference.

Deliverables and evaluation

We produced: 1) 9 cases with teaching notes; 2) 3 sets of videos/multimedia materials; and 3) an eLearning platform. They have been used in at least 8 courses at different levels and more than 500 students have benefited from them. In general, students surveyed were satisfied with the case learning approach. Many favourable comments were received as they found cases to be practical.

The workshops and conference organized had attracted more than 140 people and had been well received by the participants. And the case submitted to an international conference had received the Best Case Award. Additionally, one case was published by Ivey Publishing while two are being processed for further submissions.

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

Our cases and multimedia resources have been hosted on an eLearning platform. Together with other cases, they will be accessed by all teachers and levels of courses in the faculty. The website contents will be maintained and updated constantly.

We are also sending our cases to external reputable international case centres for sharing with other academics.

Video Report

Please click the following link for viewing the report.