Global Competency Assessment for Students Learning Enhancement through Capstone Projects
Principal Supervisors

Dr. John Lai
(Department of Management)


6 months

Approved Budget

HK $200,000

  • Abstract
  • Brief write-up
  • Video Report


  • University education nowadays commits much resources to enhancing students’ soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, global mindset, and social responsibility, and that they are considered essential for their future career.

  • However, different from academic skills assessment, there is yet a systematic way to monitor students learning and development outcomes, and to evaluate the extent to which these learning and development activities (e.g. capstone projects) close the gap of the expectations on students’ career and those of society’s.

  • This project aims to develop a systematic method/tool to measure the soft skills development of students acquired in capstone projects with case studies of overseas enterprises.

  • The impact of these learning activities and assessment method/tool on students’ development in global competency will also be evaluated for constructing a framework for future reference.

Brief write-up

Project objectives

This project uses a competence assessment model to inform students of the gap between current and required global competence and how capstone projects can close the gap. Objectives are threefold:
  1. Students
    • To equip students with the necessary soft skills to be global leaders and align students’ readiness to industry competencies
  2. Faculty Members
    • To develop a systematic model to identify students’ current competencies and areas of improvement
    • To provide a structured framework for academic advising
  3. Schools/Faculties/Programmes
    • To provide insights for schools in designing enrichment programmes

Activities, process and outcomes

Period Activity Outcome
March 2019
  1. Hire Project Coordinator
  2. Prepare experimental learning material (case write up)
  1. Completed
  2. Completed
April 2019
  1. Evaluate and choose assessment model.
  2. Collaborate with host firm for case writeup
  3. Liaise with vendors
  4. Finalize experiential learning materials
  5. Briefings
  1. Completed
  2. Completed
  3. Completed
  4. Ongoing
  5. Ongoing
May 2019
  1. Assessment of global competencies pre-experimental learning.
  2. Focus group
  1. Ongoing
  2. Ongoing
June 2019
  1. Assessment of global competencies post experimental learning
  2. Overall review and dissemination of results
  1. Ongoing
  2. Ongoing

Deliverables and evaluation

Stage 1:
  • A global competencies assessment model is chosen.
  • Experiential learning materials to develop students’ competencies.
Stage 2:
  • Competency reports for student use
Stage 3:
  • Final report and suggestions on framework modifications to apply to non-business disciplines

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

  • Share results of the assessment and tools/templates with other units, departments, and academic institutions though workshops or online channels
  • With future funding secured, scale up the global competency assessment to various programmes, Faculties, Colleges, and University

Video Report

Please click the following link for viewing the report.