Supporting the Development of Good Healthcare Practice in a Global Setting in Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy
Principal Supervisors

Professor H.K. Ng
(Department of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology)


1 year and 4 months

Approved Budget

HK $600,000

  • Abstract
  • Brief write-up


A good healthcare practice involves more than the mere possession of knowledge and practical skills. The aims of training for good healthcare practice are best articulated by the General Medical Council (UK) (see General Medical Council website: Good Medical Practice) and includes attributes of professionalism and bioethics and communications and maintaining trust in patients. The essential elements of good medical practice, as outcomes in medical education, have recently been adopted by the Hong Kong Medical Council ("The Hong Kong Doctor" by Hong Kong Medical Council, 2017).

While aspects of these are already present in the current curricula of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, there is a need to enhance those components with the following in mind:

  1. Inter-professional training in those aspects across the three disciplines of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, who are close partners in health care delivery;
  2. Identity development of a healthcare professional in an age of globalized diseases and health care;
  3. Bioethics and justice in health care, local and global; and
  4. Research in health care - bioethics and professionalism.

Brief write-up

Project objectives
  • Inter-professional training in the disciplines of medicine, nursing and pharmacy
  • Identity development of healthcare professionals
  • Bioethics and justice in health care, local and global
  • Research in health care – bioethics and professionalism

Activities, process and outcomes

  • Professionalism and Ethics rounds for final year students
  • NURS3145 – Ethical and legal issues in Nursing
  • PHARM2018 – Inter-professional education on medical ethics safety

Deliverables and evaluation

Delivered two courses and other enhancements in professionalism and inter-professional education to several hundreds of medicine, pharmacy and nursing students. The grant was only given in March 2018 and at the time of writing this report, had barely two terms to implement. So far, student evaluation has been very positive. It is too early to evaluate long term impact.

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

  • A short case book of professionalism
  • Publicly – accessed websites for some of the teaching materials
  • Five papers presented in international conferences