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Professor FUNG Tung, Associate Vice-President


Chairmen of the Safety Advisory Committees (SAC)

- Professor TSUI Kwok Wing, Stephen, SAC (Biological)
- Professor CHAN Kin Shing, SAC (Chemical/Carcinogens)
- Professor TSE Lap Ah, Shelly, SAC (Environmental Hygiene)
- Mr. FONG Man Fai, Andrew, SAC (General)
- Professor CHAN Tak Wah, SAC (Radiation/Electrical)

Director of University Safety or his representative

- Mr LAM Shi-kai, University Safety Office

Director of the University Health Service or his representative

- Dr. LUK Wai-cheong, Scotty

Director of Campus Development or his representative

- Mr. FUNG Siu-man

Director of Estates Management or his representative

- Mr. LAM Yiu Wa, Edmond

Director of Security and Transport or his representative

- Mr. LEE Wing Kong, Simon

Secretary of the University or his representative

- Ms WONG Ching Man, Faye

Representative nominated by the Postgraduate Student Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA)

- Ms WANG Yingjun

Representative nominated by the Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSU)

- Ms. LEUNG Chung-yan


Director of University Safety

- Mr LAM Shi-kai, University Safety Office



To oversee and review Safety Policy of the University on a regular basis, particularly in relation to

  1. the implementation of the institutional safety policy;
  2. the identification and minimization of the risk of campus events that may produce injury or illness including but not restricted to laboratories, and the promotion of occupational health;
  3. the provision of information, instruction and training for staff members and students to increase personal understanding of workplace hazards and safe working practices;
  4. the design of new buildings and the alteration and improvements of existing buildings, such that the appropriate safety standards are maintained;
  5. recommendations for the health monitoring of staff and students where appropriate, in matters relating to occupational health; and
  6. the reporting of safety matters that require University-level attention.


The Committee will report its recommendations to the Administrative and Planning Committee for ratification.


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