Most Supportive College/ Faculty Award

Colleges and Faculties could compete for the “Most Supportive College/ Faculty Award”. The top three Colleges and Faculties with the highest number of runners will each win a special prize.

According to the registration record, the top three Colleges and Faculties of this year are:

Most Supportive College
Chung Chi College New Asia College United College

Most Supportive Faculty
Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Science

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Running Awards

According to the official results released by the Organizer, the top three finishers in each category of CUHK Marathon Team are as follows:

  • Team members are allocated to the category (students, staff or alumni) that were self-declared during the registration.
  • The results are provisional and they are subject to change.
Race Category Men Women
Position Name Official Time Position Name Official Time



Champion Chan Kai Pan 00:36:10 Champion Audrey Au 00:46:52
1st runner-up Ma Lok Hin 00:43:21 1st runner-up Lam Diana Yan-yin 00:52:10
2nd runner-up Cheung Ming Hang 00:46:15 2nd runner-up Li Kin Ying 00:53:21
Staff Champion Lee Chi Wo 00:33:21 Champion Ip Ka Wing Helen 00:57:03
1st runner-up Yau Tung On 00:51:47 1st runner-up Lui Wing Yee 01:01:24
2nd runner-up Chan Chun Kit Benson 00:56:25 2nd runner-up Mak On Ki Angie 01:01:50


Champion Yam Ka Wang 00:38:43 Champion Li Chui Chi Angie 00:52:38
1st runner-up Leung Pak Hin 00:40:37 1st runner-up Hong Wai Han 00:55:50
2nd runner-up Tam Wing Chung 00:42:18 2nd runner-up Ng Ka Lai Clare 00:56:37
Half marathon Students Champion Wong Long Yin 01:27:58 Champion Ma Yik Sheung Andie 01:56:46
1st runner-up Kwok Ka Chun 01:30:52 1st runner-up Tsang Yuen Man 02:01:01
2nd runner-up Chan Shing Chung 01:39:12 2nd runner-up Yu Ching Yan 02:05:07
Staff Champion Chan Chor Kwan 01:43:56 Champion Chan Lally Lai Yee 01:53:41
1st runner-up Choi Chun Yeung 01:45:38 1st runner-up Chan Sin Ying 02:05:42
2nd runner-up Cheung Ming Fu Melvin 01:49:46 2nd runner-up To Yuen Weun 02:11:34
Alumni Champion Lam San Choi 01:24:11 Champion Joan Yip 01:43:09
1st runner-up Chiu Yau Chung 01:28:51 1st runner-up Chan Yue Yan 01:44:20
2nd runner-up Siu Chi Hang 01:29:01 2nd runner-up Chan Ching Yan Candy 01:45:55
Full marathon Students Champion Pun Tak Kiu 03:02:42 Champion Lo Sze Pui Sarah 03:59:25
1st runner-up Yuen Ka Yiu 03:20:40 1st runner-up Leung Wing Kan 05:11:10
2nd runner-up Damian Bethke 03:46:50 2nd runner-up Fung Kit Yi 05:29:02


Champion Lee Kim Wa 03:47:44 Champion Cheung Yun Wai 04:02:17
1st runner-up Chan Ying Ho 03:47:53 1st runner-up Ko Man Ching 04:15:49
2nd runner-up Andy Wong 03:50:55 2nd runner-up Lai Yee Man 05:02:29
Alumni Champion Wong Wai Yeung 02:53:50 Champion Kwan Yee Ting, Chris 03:27:55
1st runner-up Yung Lit Cheung 02:56:09 1st runner-up Chu Wing Fai 03:49:20
2nd runner-up Li Chun Yin 02:56:55 2nd runner-up Ng Ngar Sheung 03:52:49