NEWS FLASH: The ‘CU Green Buddies’ scheme has been launched! All members of the CUHK community are welcome to become a ‘CU Green Buddy’ simply by committing to take six simple actions. Join now to help create a more sustainable CUHK!

About the Green Office Programme (GO!)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is committed to sustainable practices and the enhancement of campus environmental quality. Small steps when taken collectively can make a big difference, and the collective efforts of staff and students are indispensable for helping CUHK move towards sustainability. The Green Office Programme ‘GO!’ was launched in 2012 to promote cultural and behavioural changes, aiming to reach out to all departments/units by 2014 to guide departments/units in improving environmental performances in their daily operation through action checklist, knowledge sharing and annual reporting. Its core mechanism, the ‘GO! Checklist’, aims to promote a number of simple actions staff can take to make their workplaces more environmentally-friendly.

‘GO!’ aims to serve as a campus-wide platform to drive for continuous environmental improvements by defining:

‘GO!’ also serves as a platform for offices to share good practices and success stories through e-newsletters, sharing sessions and videos.

Participation in ‘GO!’ was on a voluntary basis for the first phase (2012) and the second phase (2013). In 2012, in view that the University would need some performance indicators to gauge its progress towards its long-term sustainability targets, the Administrative and Planning Committee (AAPC) approved a number of medium-term sustainability targets for the University for the years leading to 2017, one of which would make participation in ‘GO!’ compulsory for all University offices in 2014. In 2014, all CUHK offices that have not joined ‘GO!’ yet must nominate a staff member as the office’s ‘GO!’ Contact Person latest by 24 October, 2014.

About CU Green Buddies
Following the success of promoting green office practices via ‘Green Office Programme (GO!)’, the University has launched the ‘CU Green Buddies’ scheme under GO! in October 2013 to engage individual staff and students. There are many simple green practices that everyone, as individuals, can take to help the environment. Make your commitment for a greener CUHK today by joining ‘CU Green Buddies’!

Contact us
For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact us at:
Campus Planning and Sustainability Office (CPSO)
Email: GO@cuhk.edu.hk
Telephone: 3943 3924
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