Regular Benefits

Discounted Gasoline Offer

  • - $3.5 / Litre
  • - $3.0 / Litre

Members can also enjoy benefits offered by HKCTU and HKPTU with the membership card:

  1. Tickets of Theme Park: Disneyland, Ocean Park ƒ 
  2. Cake Coupons: Maxim's, Wing Wah Chinese Wedding Cake ƒ
  3. Hung Fook Tong: coupons of Chinese-style soups, tortoise herbal jelly and fresh drink products, etc. ƒ
  4. Health Products: Milford, HERBS ƒ
  5. Seasonal offer: mooncake coupons, food for Chinese New Year ƒ
  6. Medical Care: Health & Care Dental Clinic, Bismarck ƒ
  7. Outings: guided tours, seasonal outings 

For more, please visit their website at 

Members can enjoy shopping at the supermarket of HKPTU at a discounted price of the following items:

  1. stationery ƒ  ƒ  ƒ 
  2. books
  3. food  
  4. household goods ƒ
  5. home appliance, etc (except computer softwares and some other services)

More details are available at

  • Esso 每升減$2.3

  • Shell 每升減 $1.8