Systems & Tools

We offer various eLearning systems and tools for teachers to use for their teaching at the University, from comprehensive learning managament system, automated lecture recording system to web conferencing tool.

IMPORTANT: CUHK eLearning System Review 2010

The University conducted an eLearning System Review in 2010. The Review resulted in a recommendation to implement "Blackboard" as the University-supported eLearning System by August 2012 for the new 3-3-4 curriculum.

The new eLearning system will be in production by August 2012 to support teaching and learning at the University. According to the tentative schedule, WebCT will be decommissioned by August 2012. Technical support for Moodle and CUForum will cease by August 2013.

Migration service will be provided to migrate active course sites on WebCT and Moodle to the new system for teachers. According to the tentative schedule, users of WebCT are recommended to switch to the new system by August 2012. Users of Moodle and CUForum are recommended to switch to the new system no later than August 2013.

The evaluation results of the review, the rationale for the recommendation and details of the transition can be found through this link.

1) eLearning Systems

Teachers can easily create supplementary course websites for their teaching using the eLearning system(s). Major functions include: learning resources sharing, discussion forum, assignment dropbox, online quiz, gradebook, student management & progress tracking and group activities.

  • CU eLearning System (Blackboard Learn)
    The eLearning System Review conducted in 2010 recommended implementation of Blackboard Learn system as the new CU eLearning System for the new 3-3-4 curriculum in 2012. Visit this link for more information about the review and the implementation of the new system.

  • WebCT
    WebCT will be decommissioned in Aug 2012. WebCT users are recommended to switch to the new CU eLearning System by Aug 2012.

  • Moodle
    To allow sufficient time for migration to CU eLearning System, central support for Moodle will be maintained until Aug 2013.

2) eLearning Tools

A variety of eLearning tools are available for teachers to use for their teaching at the University to support different teaching and learning designs.

  • CUForum
    CU Forum is a forum system which provides basic functions for group activities such as forum, file/link/photo-sharing and assignment collections.

    Remarks: In eLearning System Review 2010, CU Forum has been positioned as a forum system for discussion but not a fully featured eLearning system. Teachers who use CUForum for course teaching are recommended to migrate their course contents to the new CU eLearning System by Aug 2013.

  • CUHK on iTunes U
    iTunes U is an educational content distribution system by Apple that makes audio and video materials available for public access.

  • Automated Lecture Recordings (Echo 360)
    Echo 360 is a solution to automatically and reliably captures class lectures and converts them into podcasts, video, rich media, and other formats for anytime, anywhere playback.

  • iHome
    iHome is a web hosting server. CU staff and students can publish personal homepages and “web-ready“ video/ audio on iHome.

  • Web Conferencing Tool (Adobe Connect)
    Adobe Connect is a web conference solution offered by ITSC. This multi-purpose system can be used for online teaching. It allows real-time exchange of video, audio, screen (desktop application) and text.

    Remarks: Currently Adobe Connect is not centrally supported, but various departments, programmes and teachers may pay a fee for using the service.