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Cease of WebCT service

With the implementation of the new CU eLearning System (Blackboard Learn), support given to current systems is scheduled to cease at various stages.

No new course sites will be created on WebCT to support teaching under 2012-13 academic year. However, the system will still be accessible by staff and students in 2012-13 academic year to allow time for them to download any materials they have on WebCT to their local computers if they wish to. More information about the implementation of the new system can be found at http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/eLearning/c_systems/elearn.

Course instructors can find more information about course website arrangement on this page.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at elearning@cuhk.edu.hk if you have any questions with the above arrangements.


1) What is WebCT@CUHK

2) How do I prepare my computer for WebCT?

3) Course Backup

What is WebCT@CUHK?
WebCT is an eLearning platform that allows educational institutions to create and host courses on the Internet. Courses created with WebCT can serve as entire online courses or as a supplement to traditional classroom courses.

Consider using WebCT for your course if you want to:

  1. design and organize material similar to those used in classroom courses, such as lessons, reading lists, learning objectives, assessments, and assignments.
  2. put existing content, such as Web pages, text documents, graphic files, or media clips, into a WebCT course.
  3. evaluate your students’ performance through quizzes and assignments, and keep a record of their marks.
  4. schedule events in a calendar for your students and communicate with your students with a variety of online tools, including an electronic mail feature, chat rooms, and online discussions.


How do I prepare my computer for WebCT?
To see if you are using the correct configurations, go to WebCT homepage http://webct.cuhk.edu.hk then click “Check Browser” to make sure the computer you are using has installed Java Runtime Environment and stop Popup blocker from the site.

View step-by-step demo



Course Backup
You are recommended to make your own backup copies regularly or before you made changes to your course.



For any enquires on WebCT, please send your requests/ problems at