Studying at CUHK

If you would like to study in a Hong Kong university, CUHK should be your choice. With its emphasis on bilingualism and general education, unique collegiate life, and a spacious and green campus, CUHK has been the top choice for students and their parents.

CUHK offers excellent undergraduate and postgraduate education through some of the most comprehensive and well-designed programmes of study in Hong Kong, which are regularly reviewed and quality checked to ensure their fitness for the purposes of imparting cutting-edge knowledge and training first-class scholars and professionals.

Programmes of Study

At CUHK, students can choose their major and minor subjects from a full range of disciplines, from traditional areas like History and Philosophy, reputable programmes like Translation and Journalism, professional subjects such as Law and Medicine, and practical training in Education and Nursing.


CUHK offers Hong Kong's only college experience. All full-time undergraduates can apply for affiliation with one of the Colleges.

Overseas Exchange

Overseas experience enables students to appreciate cultures, hone language skills, and grow as confident individuals. The Office of Academic Links and the Colleges, as well as Faculties / departments provide ample opportunities for overseas exchange.

General Education

CUHK believes that a world-class university education has to include training in specialized subjects and inculcation of critical powers and cultural sensitivity, qualities that define an educated world citizen of today and tomorrow. General education, a key component of undergraduate studies at CUHK, is built upon a balanced approach to whole-person education that combines Chinese humanistic ideals and western liberal arts contents.