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Directors' message

Exploration of the brain is one of the grand challenges in science. Our brain is the origin of our sensations and perception of the world, our memory, our behaviors and individuality, and ultimately our civilization. Malfunctions of the brain, which could be manifested as intractable neurological and psychiatric disorders, are taking a significant toll on the society and have emerged as leading concerns in public health. Therefore, although the challenge is enormous, neuroscience research is valuable not only for the advancement of science itself but also for its beneficial impact on our society and mankind. Despite impressive progresses made in past decades, with respect to understanding exactly how the brain works, neuroscience is arguably still in its infancy.

As an important discipline in biomedical science, neuroscience research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has a long history and also notable achievements. To further advance our understanding of brain mechanisms, pooling together research talents in the university and also applying advanced and innovative technologies crossing different scientific and engineering disciplines are essential. We are delighted and privileged to take up the directorship of the Gerald Choa Neuroscience Centre, a multi-disciplinary research centre targeting key research questions in neuroscience, establishing innovative neurotechnologies as well as exploring their translational potentials to nervous system diseases. We are indebted to a generous anonymous private donation to CUHK for the establishment of this Centre, in the memory and honor of Prof. Gerald Choa, the founding Dean of the CUHK Medical Faculty. We look forward to sharing with you exciting research results from the Centre.

Prof. Wing-Ho Yung

Prof. Vincent CT Mok

Co-Directors, Gerald Choa Neuroscience Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong