Internationally Oriented Curriculum

Students in GLOBE own the privilege to study three semesters at three top business schools, each of which is positioned in the major economic and cultural hub of Asia, North America and Europe respectively. GLOBE brought together the expertise of each school, to offer tailored courses with focus on the regional and global business environment, combined with projects, case studies and complementary study trips. This equips students with distinctive business expertise, in-depth understanding of the nuances of doing business in various global settings, and the desire of being a change agent in our world.

Program structure and suggested study plan

Year 1 @ CUHK

Term 1


Economics for Business Studies I


Other Foundation Courses


Term 2

Economics for Business Studies II

Global Experiential Learning I

Other Foundation Courses


Year 2 @ CUHK

Term 1


Business Lecture Series

Introductory Financial Accounting

Operations Management

Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions


Term 2

Financial Management

Introductory Managerial Accounting

Marketing Management

Marketing Research


Year 3

Term 1 @ UNC

Business in a Political World*

Global Leading and Managing*

Elective Courses

Term 2 @ CUHK

Term 2 @ CUHK

China Business*

Marketing in China*

Business Information Systems

Global Experiential Learning II

Elective Courses

Study Trip in Asia

Year 4

Term 1 @ CBS

Finance and Financial Institutions*

Capstone Project*

Elective Courses


Term 2 @ CUHK

Business Sustainability

Legal Environment for Business or Business Law

Strategic Management

Elective Courses

* GLOBE courses provided by each university are subject to change