Message from Program Director

Welcome to the Global Business Studies (GBS) / Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education (GLOBE) program of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School. We take great pride to be the pioneer in business education in Hong Kong at undergraduate level to introduce the tri-continental experience in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the United States.

Every year, the GBS / GLOBE program at CUHK Business School attracts the best and brightest students who are highly motivated in shaping the agenda for the leadership in global business. It has been quoted in the media as one of the most competitive programs in Hong Kong. We expect our students to be future global leaders and we have created inspirational learning pedagogy that engage students, build strong engagement with industry leaders, and include exclusive networking events that will prepare students for global challenges.

Students in the program will have the best academic exposure to some of the top faculty members from the three top universities that will intellectually challenge them on issues such as European Integration, Issues in Asian Business, or Global Venturing. Our structured program reflects the innovative curricula but yet allows flexibility for students to explore subjects that are aligned with their interests and career trajectories.

We have also crafted some of the most expansive learning trips to developed and emerging markets such as Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and China. Students during the trips are exposed to a wide spectrum of industries ranging from healthcare, energy, consumer goods, banking, financial consulting services, steel to aviation accompanied by high-level interaction with owners, CEOs and senior executives for a greater global experience. Our recent Global Business Forum also featured Mr. John C Tsang, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, and other senior executives and business leaders in sharing their experiences with students to enhance connectedness.

As a pioneer in business education in Hong Kong and the region since 1963, CUHK Business School has developed an extensive alumni network of over 35,000 business professionals worldwide. Our GBS alumni are now positioned in some of the most prestigious investment banks, financial institutions, consultancies, government, and multinational corporations. Our alumni are always ready to share their experiences and frequently come back to engage current students in a variety of ways. The GBS students upon graduation are inspired to put into practice what they have learned in creating meaningful impact to people, firms, and communities.

Great things are always happening at the GBS / GLOBE program, and it is an exciting place where you can study, experience, and network for a truly enriching learning journey – our alumni coined it as a life-changing experience that will transform you into a genuine global leader!

Dr. Raymond Wong, DBA
Director, Global Business Studies
CUHK Business School
The Chinese University of Hong Kong