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1 Dec 2014

New participants connected to HKIX

We are pleased to announce that Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (ETISALAT) , Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited,  ViaNet Group Limited have been directly connected to HKIX. Please visit our Participants page to learn more about them.


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28 Nov 2014

Production of the Second HKIX Core Site HKIX1b Starting 28 Nov 2014

In order to enhance the reliability and scalability of HKIX to cater for the ever-growing demands from the local as well as the regional and global Internet industry players for more stable and higher-speed interconnection services, HKIX has adopted a new Dual-Core Two-Tier Architecture and has established a second core site called HKIX1b within the campus of CUHK with the following characteristics:

  • The original core site HKIX1 and the new core site HKIX1b are separated by more than 1.5km in terms of fiber distance within CUHK campus
  • Both sites contain Core Switches and Access Switches interconnected by multiple 100GE links
  • Both sites are running in Active-Active mode
  • Access Switches at both HKIX1 and HKIX1b can serve connections of GE/10GE/100GE from participants
  • Both sites together provide card resilience, chassis resilience as well as site resilience
  • The architecture is highly scalable and can support more satellite sites outside of CUHK campus

Starting from 28 Nov 2014, the new core site HKIX1b is in production and ready for accepting connections from HKIX participants.  Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the dual-core architecture for better resilience by connecting to both core sites.

For details about the HKIX Dual-Core Two-Tier Architecture, please refer to the presentations at http://www.hkix.net/hkix/presentation.htm.


27 Nov 2014

DDoS Mitigation Trial via HKIX Route Servers by Supporting IPv4 Special Host Route Announcements for Black-holing

With immediate effect, HKIX route servers support IPv4 special host route announcements (i.e. /32’s) with BGP community 4635:666 for DDoS Mitigation Trial.  If HKIX participants want to participate, please send email to hkix-core@itsc.cuhk.edu.hk for implementation details.

In short, trial participants should at least accept the /32’s with BGP community 4635:666 from HKIX route servers and then do black-holing for traffic destined to those IP addresses.  Trial participants can also announce /32’s which are under their managed address blocks with BGP community 4635:666 to signal other trial participants to do black-holing when under DDoS attacks.

Benefits of participating:

  • Hosts which are not DDoS targets will be less affected by the DDoS attacks.
  • All participating networks will save some bandwidth of their HKIX connections during the DDoS attack period.

Possible impacts to DDoS Victims:

  • The relevant hosts will be unreachable from those participating networks while the special /32 route announcements are in effect.

If the trial is considered successful, the set-up will be made permanent and this will be one of our standard services to all HKIX participants.

Again, if HKIX participants want to participate, please send email to hkix-core@itsc.cuhk.edu.hk for implementation details. 

We look forward to working with all of you to do better DDoS mitigation over HKIX.

Best regards,


25 Nov 2014

HKIX Schedule Maintenance at Mega iAdvantage on Dec 2, 2014 15:00-17:00 (GMT+8)

Date : Dec 2 2014(Tue)
Time : 15:00 – 17:00 (HK Time GMT +8)
Location : 32/F, Mega-iAdvantage
Impact : All HKIX connections at Mega-I 32/F will be affected during the maintenance window

1 Nov 2014

New participants connected to HKIX 
We are pleased to announce that Wicam Corporation, Co. Ltd. has been directly connected to HKIX. Please visit our Participants page to learn more about them.

23 Oct 2014

Planned OS Upgrade on HKIX switches and Relocation of Route Server 1 (RS1) to new HKIX switch

Date: 23-Nov-2014 Sunday
Time: 0001 - 0800 HKT (GMT+8)

HKIX will perform OS upgrade on HKIX switches and reload the Ethernet modules one by one. You may experience up/down events on your HKIX link(s) within 30 minutes during the corresponding module startup. In normal situation, if you have multiple LACP links to HKIX, the links should be connected to different Ethernet modules and the traffic will be forwarded by the rest of LACP links on the same switch.

In addition, HKIX will relocate Route Server 1 (RS1) to the new switch. There will be no impact to HKIX participants which have BGP sessions with both route servers RS1 and RS2. During relocation, your BGP sessions with RS1 will be down but your BGP sessions with the other route server RS2 will NOT be affected and the multi-lateral peering can still be maintained.

If you have not set up BGP sessions with both RS1 and RS2, you should do it ASAP for better resilience.


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