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Gender studies at CUHK

The Gender Studies Programme (GRS) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong is the first and still the only programme on gender studies in tertiary education in Hong Kong. Established in 1997, GRS is interdisciplinary in nature, with expertise drawn from different academic departments such as psychology, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, social work, translation, history and linguistics. It offers coursework and research opportunities with an inter-disciplinary team of faculty members. It provides students with a broad-based education in traditional academic disciplines while specializing in gender studies. GRS is dedicated to promote awareness and interest in gender and sexuality issues on campus, in schools, and in the wider society.

Programmes offered by GRS:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programme in Gender Studies

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) Programme in Gender Studies

Master of Arts (M.A.) Programme in Gender Studies

Bachelor of Social Science in Gender Studies (Senior Year Admission)

Contact Gender Studies Programme (GRS)
Tel:          (852) 39431026
Fax:         (852) 26037223
Mail:          Room 250, Sino Building
                Chung Chi College
                The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

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Asian region

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