The objective of the Programme is to foster and support academic research on China by providing grants with a donation by Drs CHENG Yu-tung and LEE Shau-kee in the 1990s. Through the dissemination of research findings, the Programme helps to provide useful references for the formulation of public policies.

Regionally, the grants now cover studies on Hong Kong, mainland China, and the area’s interrelated development with Macao, Taiwan, and other parts of the world. Individual research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and research partnerships across and outside of the Asia-Pacific region are equally considered.

The Programme is not limited to funding projects of any particular disciplines or topics, innovative research with relevance to Hong Kong and mainland China is all welcome. The current research areas supported include:

(1) development of the mainland China-Hong Kong nexus;

(2) interrelations among state-building efforts, culture, and local society;

(3) institutional evolution and transformation;

(4) growth and disparities in regional development; and

(5) external relations.



Professor NG Mee Kam

Executive Committee:

Professor NG Mee Kam (Chairman)

Professor CHIU Stephen Wing-kai

Professor DU Julan

Professor TONG Yuying

Professor ZHAN Jing Vivian