LU SHOUKUN (1919-1975)

Dated 1971
Colour on paper, horizontal scroll
191 x 364 cm
Gift of Lee Gardens Hotel (93.248)

      This painting bears a date, the signature and two seals of the artist.

      LU Shoukun (1919-1975) was a native of Heshan, Guangdong province. He graduated from the Department of Economics, the University of Guangzhou in 1943, but moved to Hong Kong in 1948. In 1956 he established the Bingshen Club and the Hong Kong Chinese Art Club with Li Yanshan (1898-1961), Zhao Shao'ang (Chao Shao-an 1905-1998), and several others. He joined the teaching profession in 1966 and strongly supported the modernization of Chinese painting. He was acknowledged as a pioneer of the Modern Ink Painting Movement in Hong Kong.

      In the fifties and sixties, Lu produced a large number of experimental ink paintings on the theme of local landscapes. This horizontal scroll of the seventies shows a return to the traditional elements of Chinese painting. The deliberate arrangement of vertical and horizontal areas, together with the play of tonal gradations of black, grey and white create an abstract space for the imagination to fill. The junks in the lower left corner are a stylised motif found in early landscape paintings of Hong Kong, but the craggy mountains are the artist's own creation.