Current Research in Chinese Linguistics (CrCL)

Catalogues and Articles

Volume 91  Number 2 (July 2012) (In Chinese)

Chinese Language Learning and Teaching
61 Chinese as a Second Language: A Study on the Fallacies and Corresponding Strategies in Teaching
  Che-Ying Kwan
83 On the Issues of the Medium of Instruction in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
  Danping Wang
Chinese Language Studies
89 Differences between Taofen (淘糞) and Taofen (掏糞)
  Chuhong Zhu and Xutao Mao
95 On the Pronunciations of “Twenty”, “Thirty” and “Forty” in Chinese Dialects
  Fuling He
107 The Phonetic Features of Bafang Dialect in Linxia
  Jianjun Zhang
115 Postscript
  Sze-Wing Tang
116 Style Sheet
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