Current Research in Chinese Linguistics (CrCL)

Catalogues and Articles

Volume 92  Number 2 (July 2013) (In Chinese)

Chinese Language Learning and Teaching
61 An Assessment of Hong Kong Students’ Learning Needs of “Picture-aided Storytelling”
  Pamela Pui-Wan Leung
77 A Study of Cohesive Adverbs in Textbooks of Primary Six and Related Strategies for Teaching Chinese Reading
  Siu-Ming Lai
91 Corpus-based Assessment of New Words in Textbooks of Chinese as a Foreign Language
  Shan Wang
Chinese Language Studies
103 The Comitative Meanings of Zhiyao (Shi)
  Xu Zhao and Zhenping Liu
115 Postscript
  Sze-Wing Tang
116 Contents of Volume 91 and Volume 92
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