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Using Computers in User Areas

Using computers at ITSC is quite different from using computer at home. At ITSC, you have to login your account first. If you want to save your work, you have to save it to Datalocker. Besides, you should know how to check the balance of your Print Account in order to make sure you have enough money in the account to facilitate printing. Here are some of the procedures that guide you to use the computers at ITSC.

  1. Log Into your Account
  2. Select an Application
  3. Save your files in Datalocker
  4. Check Print Balance
  5. Change PC LAN Password
  6. Log Out the Account
  7. Connected Computer Laboratories Using ITSC PC LAN Account

1.Log into your Account

To get into your account, you need to get your ITSC PC LAN computing id and password ready. They are specified in the Computing Account Information (CAI) Reply Slip. This slip can be obtained by presenting your CU Link card in person to our Consultant at the Service Desk (User Area, Room 109A, Pi Chiu Building and Learning Commons, 6/F Wu Ho Man Yuen Building).

Before entering your account, you can choose your working environment, either Chinese or English. Choose to suit your own need by using the keyboard.

After a few seconds, a Novell Client dialog box will appear. Enter your user id (i.e. computing id) and password. Then click OK.


2. Select an Application

Selecting an application (e.g. MS Word) requires the following steps. They are similar to to those you do at home.

i. Use the left mouse to click the Start menu.

ii. Click on the application you need.


3. Save your files in Datalocker

Datalocker is a network disk storage for storing your files in the ITSC PC LAN of User Areas. You are assigned with 50MB of disk space. Files stored on the Datalocker will not be deleted after you signoff the ITSC PC LAN. Rather, you can access these files anywhere through the connected computer laboratories and Internet.

The following describes how to access Datalocker in User Areas and other connected computer laboratories.

To Save files to Datalocker :

i.Choose File> Save.

ii. In Save in:, find the DataLocker folder under Desktop.


iii. ClickHome , this is where you shoud store your data.

To Open files.

i. On Desktop, double-click Datalocker.

ii. Open Home , this is where you shoud store your data.

iii. Choose the file you would like to retrieve.


4. Check Print Account Balance and Make Transfer

ITSC adopts the Auto-charging System for printing services. Your Print Account will automatically be debited whenever you send a print job to a charged account.

Login: Print Account Management System (using your CWEM accounts)
  • Check your Print Account balance, and
  • transfer your printing credits

Please click here for the ways for making a deposit into your Print Account.

The following are the procedures for checking your print accont and make the transfer.

i. Login Print Account Management System with your CWEM account. For a succesful login, your current Print Account balance will be displayed.

ii. To make a transfer, please enter the account to be credited and the transfer amount. Otherwise, you can press "Logout" button to leave the system.
iii. Press the "Submit" button and enter your CWEM account again to confirm the transaction.
iv. For a successful transaction, the system will prompt you the transferred account and the debit amount.

v. A message titled 'Transfer log' will also be sent to your and the other user's CWEM account as an notification.

vi. Click Logout to leave the system.


5. Change PC LAN Password

For security reasons, you are recommended to change your PC LAN Password periodically. Suggestions to your password.

You need to visit any one of the connected computer laboratories to change your password. To change your PC LAN Password:

i. On Desktop, double-click Change PC LAN Password.

ii. The PassChange screen will appear, requiring you to enter Current and New Password.

iii. You will be required to verify the new password, to ensure that there is no typing mistake when entering it.

iv. Your password will be changed instantly once you have successfully finnished the procedures. The screen will disappear automatically.


6. Log Out the Account

On Desktop, click Start and Restart. Login the PC with your account again to check whether your password has been changed.


7. Connected Computer Laboratories Using ITSC PC LAN Account

Apart from the ITSC User Areas (1/F, Pi Chiu Building) and Learning Commons (6/F, Wu Ho Man Yuen Building), you can also use your ITSC PC LAN account to login the computers of your affiliated college/department/hostel computer laboratory and use the following functions

- Change ITSC PC LAN password
Use Datalocker (in the folder "My Document" after your successful login) to save your files

in the following connected Computer Laboratories. Please contact the corresponding laboratory administrators for the list of available application software.

Location Computer Laboratory
Chung Chi College Chung Chi Multimedia laboratory and common PCs in all CC hostels
New Asia College Microcomputer laboratory in Chih Hsing Hall, Daisy Li Hall, Grace Tien Hall and Xuesi Hall
Shaw College College computer laboratory, and computer laboratory in Kuo Mou Hall and Hostel II
Morningside College Computer Room (Rm 101), 1/F, Tower Block, Morningside College
Wu Yee Sun College Learning Commons, Wu Yee Sun College
Lee Woo Sing College Multimedia Learning Center, LG 103, North Block, Lee Woo Sing College
CW Chu College Computer Room (Rm221), 2/F, CW Chu College
Postgraduate Halls Computer Room in Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall (PGH 1), Computer Corner in Chiang's Building (PGH2), Computer Room in Postgraduate Hall 4 (PGH4)
Faculty of Law PC laboratory in Student Common Area, Faculty of Law, Room 509,  Lee Shau Kee Building



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