Migrating Your E-mails from Eudora to Outlook Express or Outlook

If you are currently using Eudora to receive and send e-mails for your CWEM account, we highly recommend you to switch to Outlook Express or Outlook. It is because the Outlook Express or Outlook can support

which are all currently not supported by Eudora. Follow the few steps below, and within 10 minutes, all your emails in Eudora will be transferred to Outlook Express / Outlook.

I. Preparation
II. Migration Procedures
III. Handling Eudora Attachment

I. Preparation

II. Migration Procedures

1. Open Outlook Express. Click Cancel.

2. Select Import from the File menu and then Messages.

3. Select Eudora Pro or Light (through v3.0) from the list. Click Next.

4. Click Browse button.

5. Select the folder where you keep your Eudora e-mails (usually is C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora). Click OK.

6. Click Next.

7. Select the folders that you want to transfer. Click Next.

8. Click Finish. You now successfully migrate all your e-mails from Eudora to Outlook Express. If you are going to use Outlook as your e-mail program, please continue the procedures mentioned from step 9 to step 13.

9. Open Outlook.  From the File menu, select Import and Export.

10. Select Import Internet Mail and Addresses.Click Next.

11. Select Outlook Express. Tick the Import Mail check box. Click Next.

12.  Click Finish.

13. Click OK.

III. Handling Eudora Attachment

The Migration Procedures Will Not Handle the attachments after migration. All attachments will remain in the directory of Eudora. You will find the attachments under attachment directory of Eudora.

a. You may find the directory path of Eudora -> Tools -> Option -> Attachment -> Attachment Directory.


b. You may find the directory in the Windows Explorer