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CUHK Webmail for Staff & Department

1. Introduction

5. Account Expiration

2. Access Ways

6. Other Information

3. General Functions 7. System Information

4. Mailbox Quota

8. Policies and Guidelines

For students

Please refer to @Link Email for Students.

1. Introduction of E-mail (CWEM) System

Owner of staff / department / project / student organization account will have a CWEM mailbox assigned.

Default Email Address

Default Email Dropbox

Customizable Email Address
(please click here for details about defining email address)






With an e-mail account, you can:

  • Send and receive email
  • Receive most of the official university information

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2. Ways to Access CWEM System

You can simply start using CWEM with,

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3. General Functions

  1. Send an Auto-reply
  2. Auto-forward E-mail
  3. Reading Chinese Characters Properly in CUHK WebMail System
  4. Moving Emails from Webmail/Server to Outlook 2007/Outlook 2010
  5. Filter E-mails
  6. Define E-mail Address and E-mail Drop Box
  7. Change / Reset Password

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4. CWEM Mailbox Quota

Checking Mailbox Quota

You can check your mailbox quota after logging into CUHK WebMail.


Account Type

Disk Quota

Max. Size per Email

Student Organization/Guest


20MB *




Quota Exceeded

When your CWEM quota is nearly full, a warning message will be dispatched to your CWEM mailbox. You must free up disk space by clearing up some of your emails immediately. (Procedural Guide for Outlook 2007, Mozilla ThunderBird and Windows Live Mail)

Please note that once your mailbox is over quota, no new e-mail can reach your mailbox and are BOUNCED BACK to the sender, so no copy will be saved in the CWEM system. Such emails will not be forwarded to other email addresses though you had enabled the email forwarding function. You will only receive email again when free disk space is available.


Deleting E-amils

To avoid the above, you should attend your mailbox usage. You could follow the steps below to delete and PURGE AWAY some unwanted e-mails for more space.

1. Check and delete the unwanted e-mails and the deleted e-mail will be crossed.
2. Press “Purge Deleted” above the “size” column


If you find there is no strikethrough after you check and delete the unwanted e-mails, you may

1. Check if there is a “show deleted” above the mail “size” column. If yes, click on it to show your deleted e-mails
2. Go to Options >>> Deleting and Moving Messages >>> Uncheck “When deleting messages, move them to your Trash folder instead of marking them as deleted? >>> Save options


Request for Additional Quota
You can request for additional CWEM quota here with appropriate reason. For student organizations, please refer to this page for details.

* This 20MB counts everything goes into a message including the content, attachment and email headers. Files usually expand and sometimes add 33% overhead when they are encoded as an attachment. Hence, a simple email with 12-14MB file attachment will almost hit the max size of an email.

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5. Email Account Expiration

For Staff
Your email account will be expired on the last day of employment or the last day of retirement.

All your emails and data files will be deleted automatically. And you are responsible to archive and backup all these information before your account expires. If necessary, you can apply for account extension. Check application details in the “Account-Staff” page.

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6. Other Related Information

  1. Services for Departments/Student Organizations
    1. Account Application
    2. Mass Mailing Service
    3. Mailing Lists
  2. Security
    1. Security Issues and Alternative Solutions in E-mails
    2. Apply for Digital Certificate
  3. Phishing, Spam and Scam
    1. Spam and E-mail Viruses
    2. E-mail Fraud Alert: Beware of Phishing
    3. Email Scams - E-mail Promising Lots of Money
    4. The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance
  4. Check E-mail Header

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7. System Information

  1. Hardware and Software
  2. Maintenance Schedule
  3. Campus-wide E-mail System Upgrade 2008

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8. Policies and Guidelines

  1. Computer Network - Policies and Guidelines on Access and Usage

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Need Help?
For comments and enquiries about this service, please write to the ITSC Service Desk at

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