The evolution of passive and disposal sentences
Paul A. Bennett 本涅特

Abstract 摘要
The Mandarin ba-construction is a genuine example of an S-PP-V construction emerging out of an earlier serial verb construction. But serial verb constructions are not the forerunners of disposal constructions in other dialects where the object-marking preposition is homophonous with a verb meaning ‘give’, or of passive constructions, including the Mandarin bei-construction. Proposals are made as to how syntactic reanalysis may have been responsible for the development of these two constructions, and some general observations on processes of syntactic change are set forth.

普通话“把”字句是一个从原来的连接动词结构发展成为 “主语-介词短词-动词”结构的真正的例子。可是在别的方言里,处置式的介词跟“给”这个动词是同源词,连接动词结构并不是来源,包括普通话的“被”字句。本文提出句法再分析是这两个结构发展的原因,也谈到句法变化的一般过程。

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