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On the Role of the Verbal Nouns in Japanese Light Verb Constructions

Prof. Hideki Kishimoto

2016 October 25 (Tue)

How does the motor system influence your perception of speech: Evidence from adults and infants

Prof. Henny Yeung

2016 October 11 (Tue)

Sonority and cluster simplification in
Russian children with SLI

Prof. Darya Kavitskaya

2016 September 27 (Tue)

Left-Periphery at Syntax-Discourse Interface: A Cartographic Approach

Prof. Victor Junnan PAN

2016 August 31 (Wed)

Reconstruction Effects in A’-dependencies: A Narrow Syntactic Account

Prof. Victor Junnan PAN

2016 August 30 (Tue)

Resumptivity in Mandarin Chinese: A Minimalist Perspective

Prof. Victor Junnan PAN

2016 August 29 (Mon)

The Complex Linguistic Behavior of a Multilingual

Prof. Salikoko S. Mufwene

2016 June 27 (Mon)

Null subject, null topics and topic prominence in Mandarin Chinese and beyond

Prof. Waltraud PAUL

2016 May 27 (Fri)

The fine architecture of the DP-shell in Chinese

Prof. Waltraud PAUL

2016 May 25 (Wed)

Complex sentences in Mandarin Chinese

Prof. Waltraud PAUL

2016 May 24 (Tue)

More than one language: myths, science, and realistic expectations

Prof. Antonella Sorace

2016 April 9 (Sat)

Singing in tone languages: Implications for tone perception

Prof. Robert Ladd

2016 April 8 (Fri)

Interfaces in Multilingualism across the Lifespan

Prof. Antonella Sorace

2016 April 6 (Wed)
2016 April 8 (Fri)
2016 April 11 (Mon)

L1 attrition meets L2 acquisition in proficient late bilingualism: two sides of the same coin?

Prof. Antonella Sorace

2016 April 5 (Tue)

Tonality of Hong Kong English

Prof. Lian-Hee Wee

2016 March 9 (Wed)



2016 March 9 (Wed)

Neural consequences of bilingualism

Prof. Jubin Abutalebi

2016 March 2 (Wed)

Neutralization vs. enhancement in
sibilant place contrasts:
The role of perceptual cues and formal bias

Dr. LEE-KIM Sang-Im

2016 March 1 (Tue)

Accessibility as a cross-linguistic mechanism of pronoun use: Evidence from Cantonese

Prof. HWANG Heeju

2016 February 16 (Tue)

Towards a model of language change in multilingual ecologies

Prof. YAKPO Kofi

2016 February 2 (Tue)

漢語方言的實驗語音學研究旨趣: 當我們談論實驗語音學測量時,我們在談論什麼?


2016 January 15 (Tue)

Studying plasticity for speech perception in the brain: False starts and new trails

Prof. Jason Zevin

2015 December 15 (Tue)

Constructing Linguistic Hybridity and Identity
through Facebook and Instagram

Prof. Vincent Ooi

2015 November 17 (Tue)

The multilingual matrix of language evolution: Lessons from small-scale speech communities

Prof. Nicholas Evans

2015 November 6 (Fri)

Bilingualism and its Consequences for Language Processing and Language Learning

Prof. Viorica Marian

2015 November 3 (Tue)

Children’s early language development in English and Mandarin: From lap to lab to L2 app

Prof. Twila Tardif

2015 October 13 (Tue)

Argument Structure in a Pro-drop Language: the Case of Japanese

Prof. Wesley M. Jacobsen

2015 September 4 (Fri)

Language Processing, Communication, and Linguistic Typology

Prof. T. Florian Jaeger

2015 September 2 (Wed)

Signed, Spoken Languages and Human Actions: Implications for a Neural Model of Human Language

Prof. David Corina

2015 August 18 (Tue)

彝族當代文學的地域使命 — 彝族文學地理學研究


2015 August 18 (Tue)



2015 August 18 (Tue)

Same Process-Different Views: The Development of Syntactic Structure

Prof. Keiko Murasugi

2015 June 11 (Thur)

Linguistic and conceptual representation of motion
in English and Chinese

Prof. Yinglin JI

2015 May 5 (Tue)

Teacher Influence on Students’ Self-directed
Use of Technology for Language Learning
outside the Classroom

Prof. LAI Chun

2015 April 21 (Tue)

Metaphorical Usage Of Body Part Terminology (in Mandarin)

Prof. Li, Paul Jen-Kuei

2015 April 14 (Tue)

Learner accents in English:phonetic cues and L1 effects

Prof. LI Bin

2015 March31 (Tue)

Advances in Sociolinguistic Studies of Computer-mediated Communication

Prof. WU Dongying

2015 March 24 (Tue)

Aspectual coercion in L2 English Speakers

Prof. Derek Chan

2015 March 10 (Tue)

Bilingualism and Bilingual Cognitive Control Advantages

Prof. DONG Yanping

2015 February 10 (Tue)

Phonetics, Phonology and Language Sciences: Potential Application to Language Learning and Speech/Language Therapy

Prof. CHEN Si

2015 February 3 (Tue)