The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Utrecht University Joint Centre for Language, Mind and Brain, an Opening Ceremony and the Symposium on the Neurogenetics of Language and Cognition



The Consulate General of Spain in Hong Kong announces the “Consulate General of Spain Prize for the Promotion of Spanish Culture” for CUHK student.


The 5th French Speech Competition

1 March 2014 (Sat)
Cho Yiu Conference Hall, CUHK

Lee Hysan Postgraduate Awards for
Sign Linguistics and Deaf Education (2014/2015)



"GERM1000P German I” and “FREN3000E French IV” to be offered in the 2nd Term 2013-14


The Vice Chancellor of CUHK Joseph Sung and President of Utrecht University Marjan Oudeman signed the MOU for the establishment of “The Chinese University of Hong Kong-Utrecht University Joint Centre for Language, Mind, and Brain.” The Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hong Kong and Macao Mr Wilfred Mohr and a 9-member delegation from Utrecht University attended the MOU signing ceremony.



Leaflets of the Postgraduate programmes in Linguistics


The 3rd Inter-University German Speech Competition

16 11 2013 (Sat)
Cho Yiu Conference Hall, CUHK

We invite applications to The "Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2014-2015", established by the Research Grants Councili (RGC) of the HKSAR Government, to pursue a PhD in Linguistics at CUHK.

The Linguistics major programme ranked no. 2 in the 2013-2014 admissions exercise in terms of the median WGPA among 13 undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Arts!

"The 4th episode of 沒有牆的世界 by RTHK is about the friendship of two sign bilingual P6 students -- one deaf and one hearing. They are the students of an experimental program developed by The Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies of the department. It represents the outcome of years of study of the linguistics of Hong Kong Sign Language and its acquisition by deaf, as well as hearing children, and their related educational and socio-psychological benefits."

Prof. Gladys Tang received the Humanity award last Saturday, 25 May. For more details, please click here.

Congratulations to Li Haoze on  the James McCawley Fellowship awarded by the Linguistic Society of America! [Details]


李宇明教授的講演題目是: 現代語文能力初探 李教授是北京語言大學校務委員會主任,曾任國家語言文字工作委員會副主任、教育部語言文字資訊管理司司長、教育部語言文字應用研究所所長

Prof Li currently serves as the Chair of the University Affairs Committee at Beijing Language and Culture University. He served as Vice President of the National Language Committee in PRC and the Director-General of the Department of Language Information Administration in the Ministry of Education and the Director of the Applied Linguistics Institute in the Ministry of Education. [Details]

The Consulate General of Spain in Hong Kong announces the ¨Consulate General of Spain Prize for the Promotion of Spanish Culture¨ for CUHK student. [Details]

On February 22, 2013, Prof. Ovid J.L.Tzeng, Academician and Distinguished Fellow of the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan gave a talk sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and co-sponsored by the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages.

Prof William S-Y. Wang gave his inaugural speech at the inauguration of the Taiwan Society for Cognitive Neuroscience at the Academia Sinica on 12 January 2013.

Award Presentation Ceremony for MA Graduates 2012

Here is the link to the photos of the event


Leaflets of the Postgraduate programmes in Linguistics


Congratulations to Professor William S-Y. Wang and Dr James Minnet on the award for their top cited paper in Lingua!

Here's the reference:
Minett, J. W. and Wang, W. S-Y. (2008) Modelling endangered languages: The effects of bilingualism and social structure. Lingua 118 (1):19--45.

26 July-2012

Prof. Tom Perry, Chair of Linguistics Department at Simon Fraser University visited our department on 26 July 2012 to discuss plans for academic exchange. [Details]
15-16 May-2012
International Conference on Bilingualism and Comparative Linguistics

Conference photos: Day 1, Day 2
Conference feedback
16 May-2012
A Dialogue on Sound Change: Past, Present and Future

Dialogue photos
Dialogue feedback

Prof Li Ping from Penn State University conducted a Workshop on grant writing and journal submission from 29-30 May 2012. [Details]


On April 16, the Cambridge delegation led by the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge Prof. Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Pro-VC Dr Jenifer Barnes and Dr Yuan Boping visited CUHK and attended a lunch reception hosted by Vice Chancellor of CUHK Prof. Joseph Sung. [Details]


Dr Yuan Boping from University of Cambridge visited the department from 13-17 April 2012 as our MACLA Programme Reviewer . [Details]


Professor Liu Lening from Columbia University gave two lectures and visited our department in April 2012. [Details]


Prof. Virginia Yip representing Linguistics and Modern Languages. [Details]



Speaker: Prof. Fred Genesee
Date: May 19 2012(Saturday)


Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series in Bilingualism

Speaker: Prof Patricia Kuhl
Date: May 14 2012(Monday)


Student of CUHK German programme won the 1st prize in the 1st Inter-University German Speech Competition [Details]


Prof. William Wang's article 'Language sets the tone for brain's circuitry' appeared in SCMP on October 9, 2011 (Sunday)
8-9, Oct 2011

Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admission [Details]


Win a German Language Course in Germany! German Speech contest details

Interested candidates please state your interest by sending an e-mail to cuhk.edu.hk">germancuhk.edu.hk by 18.10. 2011. We will then inform you of the details of the internal selection.

22-23, AUG 2011

Psycholinguistic Representation of Tone [website]

Workshop on Coarticulation in New Varieties of English [website]
The Landscape of Quantifiers in Chinese: A preliminary study

Prof. Peppina Po-lun LEE

15 4 2014 (Tue)

Taboos and Euphemisms in Signs of Sexual Behaviour in Asian Sign Languages: Preliminary observations

Prof. Felix SZE

1 4 2014 (Tue)

Extracting Social Meaning from the Everyday:
The Computational Linguistics of Food, Dating, and the Spread of Innovation

Prof. Dan Jurafsky

25 3 2014 (Tue)

Opaque Tone Substitution and Transparent Tone Spreading in Three Dialects of Chinese

Prof. ZHANG Jie

18 3 2014 (Tue)

A linguistics approach to Chinese poetic studies

Prof. Hongming ZHANG

13 3 2014 (Thu)

關於韻律音系學與漢語韻律研究的若干問題 兼論“音步”和“韻律詞”

張洪明 教授

11 3 2014 (Tue)

Discourse Function and Grammatical Acquisition: The Case of Aspect in Chinese

Prof. CHEUNG Hin Tat

4 3 2014 (Tue)

What is emblematic about Chinese QIE's (Quadra-syllabic Idiomatic Expressions) [ 漢語四字格成語 ] and why? - A Sociolinguistic approach

Prof. Benjamin K. Tsou

25 2 2014 (Tue)

Mandarin children's early control sentences

Prof. Yang Xiaolu

11 2 2014 (Tue)


陸儉明 教授

26 11 2013 (Tue)

The importance of meaning in understanding case: Understanding case-marking in four-place predicates

Dr. Cathryn Donohue

19 11 2013 (Tue)

Uttering the Unutterable with Wh-placeholders

Prof. Lawrence Y. L. Cheung

29 10 2013 (Tue)

Predicting language change
Prof. Charles Yang

17 10 2013 (Thur)

The development and evolution of grammar

Prof. Charles Yang

15 10 2013 (Tue)

Language learning in bilinguals, in the lab, and in older adults


8 10 2013 (Tue)

Factors favouring code-switching in Wales: an automatic analysis of the Siarad corpus

Prof. Margaret DEUCHAR

9 9 2013 (Mon)

It takes mirror neurons and more to build a brain for language

Prof. Michael Arbib

20 8 2013 (Tue)

Neuroimaging studies of Reading development:
An update on recent gene-brain-behavior findings

Prof. Kenneth R. Pugh

19 8 2013 (Mon)

European multilingual practices: Implications for researching language learning and teaching

Dr. Gudrun Ziegler

June 3 2013 (Mon)

The more the merrier? The acquisition of English nominal and verbal agreement by L1 Chinese-L2 English-L3 French learners

Professor Wai Lan TSANG

April 23 2013 (Tue)

Situated Discourse Analysis A Multimodal Corpus-Based Study

Professor Yueguo GU

April 19 2013 (Fri)

Contact-induced change in the individual and the community: The case of Shanghainese
[e]-[ ] merger reversal

Professor Yao YAO

April 9 2013 (Tue)

Standards and Language Instruction: Teaching Chinese Grammar

Professor Sun Chaofen

March 27 2013 (Wed)

Tones in the Chinese-English Instructor (1862) and Modern Hong Kong English

Prof. Lian-Hee WEE

March 19 2013 (Tue)


李宇明 教授

March 6 2013 (Wed)

Written Chinese as a meaning-spelling script: A theory from the N200 discovery

Speaker: Prof. John Xuexin ZHANG
Date: March 5 2013 (Tuesday)

Indexing sublexical access in reading Chinese:
Electrophysiological correlates of radical processing in adults and developmental dyslexics

Speaker: Prof. I-Fan Su
Date: February 26 2013 (Tuesday)

Spinning Lady, Temporal Relativity, Reading Brain, and Enhancing Visual Short-Term Memory:
Establishing an Integrated Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory in Taiwan

Speaker: Prof. Ovid J. L. Tzeng
Date: February 22 2013 (Friday)

Revival Linguistics: Language Reclamation and Cross-Fertilization

Speaker: Prof. Ghil'ad ZUCKERMANN
Date: February 8 2013 (Friday)

Cross-Language Perception of Linguistic Pitch by Monolinguals and Bilinguals

Speaker: Prof. Shelley Xiuli Tong
Date: January 29 2013(Tuesday)

Language change from an individual-difference perspective

Speaker: Prof. Alan C. L. Yu
Date: January 25 2013(Friday)

Perceptual expertise in Chinese character recognition

Speaker: Prof. Janet Hsiao
Date: January 22 2013(Tuesday)

The sociolinguistic dynamics of language contact: Language shift and code-switching among the Hakka in Hong Kong

Speaker: Prof. Sherman Lee
Date: January 15 2013(Tuesday)

Exploring Writing Development in the Context of Foreign Language Learning

Speaker: Ms. Lone Petersen
Date: December 18 2012(Tuesday)


Date: December 13 2012(Tuesday)

Meaning and Use in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations

Speaker: Prof. Leo Cheung
Date: December 11 2012(Tuesday)

Transnational Media and the Use of English: The Case of Cinema in Germany

Speaker: Prof.Suzanne K.Hilgendorf
Date: December 4 2012(Tuesday)

Motion events in Cantonese: From a verb-framed to a satellite-framed language

Speaker: Prof. Carine Yiu
Date: November 27 2012(Tuesday)

Why Chinese-English code-switching is so difficult to avoid: Medium-of-instruction-induced code-switching in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Speaker: Prof. David Li
Date: November 6 2012(Tuesday)

The 3rd International Conference on Sign Linguistics and Deaf Education in Asia
Date:30th Jan to 2nd Feb 2013

Explicitness and Cue Competition:
A Tutorial System to
Teach English Article Usage

Speaker: Prof. Helen Zhao
Date: October 9 2012(Tuesday)

A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Lexicons

Speaker: Prof. San Duanmu
Date: September 3 2012(Monday)

"CUHK-Nankai Workshop on Language Documentation and Language Acquisition"

Date: August 21-22 (Tuesday and Wednesday), 2012


Layers in the Verb Phrase

Speaker: Prof. Rint Sybesma
Date: May 24 2012(Tuesday)

Standard, Pedagogy and Practice: A View from the US Foreign Language Education

Speaker: Prof. Li Yen-hui Audrey
Date: May 22 2012(Tuesday)

Getting at whole speech events: Simulation and experimental results

Speaker: Prof. Bryan Gick
Date: May 8 2012(Tuesday)

From Gesture to New Sign Language

Speaker: Prof Carol PADDEN
Date: April 27 2012(Friday)

Negative Feedback in SLA Classrooms: The Debate so Far

Date: April 24 2012(Tuesday)

Grammaticalization as Phenomenon and as Conceptual Framework

Speaker: Prof. LIU, Lening
Date: April 5 2012(Thursday)

The Role of the Brainstem in Pitch Processing of Music and Language

Speaker: Prof. Jackson Gandour
Date: March 27 2012(Tuesday)

Cognitive Mechanisms Involved during the Real-time Comprehension of Sentences with Head-final Relative Clause Construction

Speaker: Dr. Chin Lung Yang
Date: March 20 2012(Tuesday)

From Nouns to Phrases in Modern Standard Chinese: The Uses of the Grammatical Marker de 的

Speaker: Prof Chao Fen SUN
Date: Feburary 28 2012(Tuesday)

Teaching Grammar in Context: The Case for Pedagogical Grammars

Speaker: Prof. Maria Zlateva
Date: March 6 2012 (Tuesday)

An Electrophysiological Study on Scope Ambiguity Resolution in Mandarin Chinese

Speaker: Dr. Yi-ching Su
Date: February 14 2012 (Tuesday)

Hemispheric differences in language comprehension

Speaker: Dr. Hsu-Wen Huang
Date: February 8 2012 (Wednesday)

Intertextuality in Equal Authenticity Discourse

Speaker: Dr. Janny Leung
Date: February 7 2012 (Tuesday)

Phonetic Typology of the Vowels and Consonants in Chinese

Speaker: Prof. Eric Zee
Date: January 31 2012 (Tuesday)

Different Cognitive Systems Struggling for Word Order

Speaker: Prof. Marina NESPOR
Date: January 19 2012 (Thursday)

Mechanisms Underlying Language Acquisitions: Behavioral and imaging studies with neonates and older infants

Speaker: Prof. Jacques MEHLER
Date: January 19 2012 (Thursday)

Bilingualism, language processing, and cognitive consequences

Speaker: Prof. Cai Zhenguang
Date: December 21 2011 (Wednesday)

Tone Language Experience and Its Impact on Perception

Speaker: Prof. Peng Gang
Date: December 20 2011 (Tuesday)

Individual Differences in the Perception of Children's Speech

Speaker: Prof. Benjamin Munson
Date: November 30 2011 (Wednesday)

Language creation and linguistic theory

Speaker: Prof. Umberto Ansaldo
Date: November 15, 2011 (Tuesday)


2011-11-3 (Thursday)

Digital processing of speech signals as an effective tool for speech, hearing and language research

Speaker: Prof. Tan Lee
Date: November 1, 2011 (Tuesday)

Studies of Cantonese Grammar in Typological Perspective

Speaker: Prof. Andy Chin
Date: October 25, 2011 (Tuesday)

Pedagogical Issues of parts of Speech in L2 Chinese

Speaker: Prof. TENG Shou-hsin
Date: October 11, 2011 (Tuesday)

兒童詞彙發展的另一端 -- 詞彙運用面的語言與社會認知因素

2011-10-4 (Tue)





Second Language Learning: From Neurogenetic Markers of Success to Optimization of Instructional Paradigms

Speaker: Prof. Patrick Wong
Date: September 14 ,2011 (Wednesday)

Giving up your native tongue: Language preferences in modern Shanghai

Speaker: Prof.San Duanmu
Date: June 8, 2011 (Wednesday)