Name:Wing Yingzhi LIU

Post:Full-time Ph.D (4 years)

Enrolled: August 2019-present

Origin: Mainland, China

First Degree: 
Master of Public Health
                   Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Supervisor: Prof. William K.K. Wu & Prof. Lin Zhang

Title of Thesis:Epidemiological and respiratory microbial characteristics of patients with severe influenza infection


  • Tung H. Ng, Kathy W. Y. Sham, Chuan M. Xie, Simon S. M. Ng, Ka F. To, Joanna H. M. Tong, Wing Y. Z. Liu, Lin Zhang, Matthew T. V. Chan, William K. K. Wu,  Christopher H. K. Cheng Eukaryotic elongation factor-2 kinase expression is an independent prognostic factor in colorectal cancer. BMC Cancer 19, 649 (2019)