Dr. Xiao SUN
BSc (Hons), Minor (Finance), PhD

Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interests
Inflammasome; Autophagy; Microbiome; Sepsis and ICU-related Infections


  • Fang S, Zhang L, Liu Y, Xu W, Wu W, Huang Z, Wang X, Liu H, Sun Y, Zhang R, Peng B, Liu X, Sun X, Yu J, Chan FKL, Ng SC, Wong SH, Wang MHT, Gin T, Joynt GM, Hui DSC*, Feng T*, Wu WKK*, Chan MTV*, Zou X*, Xia J* (2021) Lysosome activation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and prognostic significance of circulating LC3B in COVID-19. Brief Bioinform 22(2):1466-1475.