Prof LEUNG Kai Shun Christopher 梁啟信教授
MB ChB (CUHK), MD (CUHK), BMedSc, MSc (Lond), FCOphth (HK), FHKAM (Ophth)

Head, Graduate Division of OVS

Office tel.: (852) 3943-5846
Fax no.: (852) 2715-9490


Prof Christopher Leung is Professor of Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He is a clinician-scientist with research focus on glaucoma management and investigation. He received the Degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD, CUHK) 5 years after completing his undergraduate medical training in Hong Kong (MB ChB, CUHK). He was then awarded the Croucher Foundation Fellowship and completed a clinical and research fellowship in glaucoma at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Awarded with the Chevening Postgraduate Scholarship, Prof Leung also received postgraduate training in molecular medicine at the Imperial College London.

Prof Leung is Section Editor of British Journal of Ophthalmology and Asia Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology, Contributing Editor of International Glaucoma Review, Editorial Board Member of Ophthalmic Epidemiology, Recent Patents on Medical Imaging, and Ocular Surgery News (Asia Pacific Edition), Associate Advisory Board Member of the World Glaucoma Association, and reviewer of over 30 peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has been senior instructor and invited speaker in various academic conferences including the annual meetings of American Academy of Ophthalmology, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Asia Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, World Glaucoma Congress, World Ophthalmology Congress, World Ophthalmology Leaders Forum in Education, and the Glaucoma Foundation Think Tank Meeting.

Prof Leung has received a number of local and international research and service awards including the Hong Kong Medical Association Prize (1996), Action for Vision Eye Foundation Young Researcher (2004), Outstanding Researcher (2005), and Best Researcher (2008-2009) Awards, National Best Paper on Prevention of Blindness in the World Ophthalmology Congress (2006), UCSD Schanzlin Research Award (2007), the American Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award (2008), the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Nakajima Award (2010), Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award (2010), the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Alcon Clinician-Scientist Research Award (2010), the Asia Pacific Joint Glaucoma Congress Young Scientist Award (2010), World Glaucoma Congress Clinician Scientist Award (2011), Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society Young Investigator Award (2012), the American Academy of Ophthalmology Secretariat Award (2012), and the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Distinguished Service Award (2014).

In collaboration with Prof Robert N. Weinreb, Director of Hamilton Glaucoma Center at UCSD, Prof Leung developed a new experimental model for imaging individual retinal ganglion cells in vivo, which bestowed him with the World Glaucoma Association (WGA) Science Award - the Promise in 2009. This model provides a non-invasive and efficient approach to serially monitor the integrity of retinal ganglion cells and has facilitated the investigation of retinal ganglion cell degeneration and neuroprotection in glaucoma. With funding support provided by the Glaucoma Foundation (New York, NY), the American Health Assistance Association (Clarksburg, MD), and General Research Fund (Hong Kong), Prof Leung is currently investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms for promoting retinal ganglion cell survival in glaucoma and optic neuropathies. He is also principle investigator of a number of clinical and translational research projects studying the application of advanced imaging technologies for early detection and monitoring of glaucoma, surgical and laser procedures for lowering intraocular pressure, and therapies to protect and regenerate retinal ganglion cells in glaucoma and other forms of optic neuropathies.

Selected publications


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Book Chapters

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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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