News Update 最新資訊

New card reader is now available on 3/F, Lee Shau Kee Building for commuters to and from United College and nearby areas! (March 2016)
李兆基樓三樓新增拍卡器, 方便往返聯合書院及附近地點的朋友! (2016年3月)

About Walk For Green

How often do you walk in the campus than taking the shuttle bus? Due to the hilly topography at CUHK campus, most students and staff rely heavily on the shuttle bus services and their own vehicles to transport within the campus. Many users took the shuttle buses for short distances (one stop). This would create a high demand for shuttle bus services.
With improved walkways and facilities on vertical transport, walking is a good alternative to vehicular transport. To facilitate more users to walk in the campus, Estates Management Office together with Information Technology Service Centre and Physical Education Unit, launched and promoted ‘Walk for Green’ to staff and student. A few major walking routes equipped with card readers were established to record the trips completed by CUHK staff and students. You will be awarded as “The Green Walker” once certain numbers of trips are completed within the defined period.

      1. To encourage staff and students to walk from the University Station to the Central Campus in their daily campus lives (will be extended to more areas in upper parts of the campus)
      2. To reduce the reliance on vehicular transport, thus to relieve the emission of exhaust gases from the combustion of fossil fuel
      3. To build a healthier life style through the walking exercises

Thus, each trip you complete can help to save our environment and can keep yourself healthier, why don’t you act now…


隨著步行徑和垂直運輸設備的改良,步行能替代車輛運輸以穿梭校園。為鼓勵更多人步行穿梭校園,物業管理處、資訊科技服務處及體育部合辦「大」「部」行步行獎勵計劃,建立幾條可供中大師生和職員拍卡記錄的路線,當在指定時段完成一定數目的路程後,便可成為“The Green Walker”

目的 :
     1. 鼓勵師生在校園裏以步行往返火車站至大學本部 (稍後會伸延至校園山上的地方)
     2. 減輕對交通工具的依賴,減少車輛在燃燒化石燃料時的廢氣排放
     3. 透過步行去建立更健康的生活