D.E. Pollard

Born in 1937 in Kingston Upon Thames, England, David Pollard received his MA in Chinese from the Cambridge University and his Ph.D. from London University. He started teaching at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University in 1962, and held the Chair Professorship in Chinese at London University from 1979 to 1989. He joined the Chinese University of Hong Kong as Chair Professor of Translation in 1989, serving until 1997. He was Research Professor at the Hong Kong City University, 1998-1999 and Visiting Fellow at St. Hugh's College, Oxford 1999-2000. He served as Renditions Fellow at the Research Centre for Translation, CUHK in 2000, and is currently Advisory Editor of Renditions. David Pollard has published widely in the fields of modern Chinese language and literature as well as translation studies. He is a major translator of Chinese classical and modern prose into English. His latest book, The Chinese Essay, is in the Renditions Books series. Exhibits shown here are from Pollard's book The Chinese Essay. It is to date the only substantial anthology on the genre of Chinese sanwen, and also the only one which spans the Chinese classical and modern traditions. Pollard, who is well known for his superb command of the English language, has spent decades studying Chinese prose, and has written extensively on the works of Lu Xun and Zhou Zuoren.

Major Publications:

  • The Chinese Essay. Hong Kong: Renditions Book, 1999; New York: Columbia University
       Press, 2000; London: C. Hurst & Co., 2000.
  • 如是我文。香港:天地圖書,1997;台北:書林出版有限公司, 1999。
  • Translation and Creation: Readings of Western Literature in Early Modern China, 1840-
    . Philadelphia: J. Benjamins, 1998.
  • An Encyclopaedia of Translation: Chinese-English, English-Chinese. Hong Kong: Chinese
       University Press, 1995.
  • The Cockroach and Other Stories. Hong Kong: Research Centre for Translation, The
       Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1995.
  • Colloquial Chinese. New York: Routledge & K. Paul in association with Methuen, 1982.
  • A Chinese Look at Literature: the Literary Values of Chou Tso-jen in Relation to the
    . Berkeley: University of California Press, 1973.