Introduction Details List of Participants Programme
University of Tasmania
Watching 9/11: In the Time of the Event
University of Wuppertal
Time and Place in Historial Thinking. A Critical Interpretation of Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy
Edward CASEY,
Stony Brook University
Thinking on the Edge of Place
Lubica UCNIK,
Murdoch University
The Problem of Time and Eternity in Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and the Concept of "Love" in Patocka's Last Essay
McGill University
The Right Time and Place?: Thinking beyond Heidegger's Germany
Jean-Claude GENS,
University of Burgundy
Experiencing "la chair"
Hans-Helmuth GANDER,
University of Freiburg
Phenomenological-hermeneutic Comments on Friendship as a Form of Life
Shinji HAMAUZU ?渦辰二, Osaka University Caring and Phenomenology—From Husserl's Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity
Nobuo KAZASHI 嘉指信雄, Kobe University Bio-Politics over the Invisible: A Reflection on the Victims of War and Radiation
Tetsuya KONO,
Rikkyo University
The Phenomenology of Air and Water
Shojiro KOTEGAWA 小手川正二郎, University of Kokugakuin  Phenomenology of Shame: How to Reconsider the Notion of Shame after Sartre and B. Williams
Junichi MURATA 村田純一, Rissho University  The Paradox of Pain Experiences
The University of Tokyo
I and Thou in Nishida and Heidegger
Toru TANI,
Ritsumeikan University
Betweenness and Encounter (roundtable presentation)
Genki UEMURA 植村玄輝, Seijo University/
Saitama University/Keio University
Phenomenology in the Light of Phenomenology: A Case Study in Husserl’s Hylemorphic Account of Perceptual Experience
Mainland China  
Xianghong FANG 方向紅, Nanjing University The Phenomenological Meaning of the Concept "Spirit" in Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine
Ka-wing LEUNG 梁家榮, Tongji Unviersity Dasein and the Concept of Mind
Zhe LIU 劉哲, Peking University An Impasse in Conceptual Capacities : McDowell, Dreyfus and a Merleau-Pontian Rejoinder
Xiaomeng NING 寧曉萌, Peking University “Le corps humain”: Freud’s Psychoanalysis and Merleau-Ponty’s Late Conception of "la chair"
Biping SHE 佘碧平, Fudan University The Problem of Space and Time in the Thought of Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Gang ZHU 朱剛,
San Yat-sen University
From Appearing (Apparition) to Manifestation through Oneself: Levinas’s Breakthrough of Husserl’s Concept of Phenomenon
South Korea  
Seoul National University
Ethics and Sustainability: Watsuji Tetsuro’s Fudo and Its Environmental Significance
YeonKyeong BYUN 邊娟慶,
Sungkyunkwan University
Brain-Subject, Body-subject, and Unified Subject: On Phantom Limb and Brain Plasticity
Peter HA 河齊垣,
Kyung-Hee University
The Investigation on the Concept of Jemeinigkeit of Dasein and the Individual Person in M. Scheler
Tae-Hee KIM,
Konkuk University
Time of Life-World – Critical Implications
Jong-kwan LEE 李鍾鈞, Sungkyunkwan University Transhuman, Artificial Life and Human
Nam-In LEE 李南麟,
Seoul National University
The Distinction between Quantitative and Qualitative Research from a Phenomenological Perspective
Kuan-Min HUANG 黃冠閔, Academia Sinica Topo-analysis and Rhythmanalysis of Landscape
Chon-Ip NG 吳俊業, National Tsing Hua University Sartre at the Limit of Intersubjectivity
Mathias OBERT,
National Sun Yat-sen University
Between Image and the Body: Phenomenology of the Chinese Script
Wei-Ding TSAI 蔡偉鼎, Tung Hai University On Heidegger's Concept of Poet
Wen-Sheng WANG 汪文聖, National Chengchi University On the Problem of Transcendence in Thinking
Wan-I YANG 楊婉儀,
National Sun Yat-sen University
A Discussion of Kairos and Topos: From the Perspective of Corporeality (la corporéité) and Language
Chung-Chi YU 游淙祺, National Sun Yat-sen University

Cultural Object in light of Phenomenological Psychology in Husserl

Lester EMBREE,
Florida Atlantic University
Encountering Cultural Affair-Complexes
Seattle University
Husserl and Leibniz on Universal Science
Wai-shun HUNG,
Seattle University
Seeing Pictures According to Merleau-Ponty
Thomas NENON,
University of Memphis
Husserl’s God
Hong Kong  
Chan-fai CHEUNG 張燦輝, CUHK Other Time, Other Place: Phenomenological Reflection on Utopia
Ching-yuen CHEUNG 張政遠, CUHK Towards a Phenomenology of Pilgrimage
Saulius GENIUSAS, CUHK The Kairos and Topos of Fantasia: Paul Ricoeur and the Phenomenology of Imagination
Tze-wan KWAN 關子尹, CUHK On the Fourfold Root of the Notion of "Being" in Chinese Language and Script
Kwok-ying LAU 劉國英, CUHK Heterotopia: Sketch for the Pre-history of a Concept
Po-shan LEUNG 梁寶珊, Baptist University The Primordial Relationship and Existential Experience of Human Beings with Being─Comparing the Heideggerian and Confucian Perspectives
Ping-keung LUI 呂炳強, Hong Kong Phenomenology Society After All, Man is Nothing Other Than a Figure of Population: Foucault’s Implicit Contribution to Ontology
Yuen-Hung TAI 戴遠雄, Baptist University The Pathological and Pathic Life—Henri Maldiney's Phenomenological Path
Qingjie WANG 王慶節, CUHK Heidegger and Laozi on Thing: Thing-ing and No-Thing
Kwok-kui WONG 黃國鉅, Baptist University The Metaphoric of Affect
Yiu-hong WONG 王耀航,
Time and Death: Heidegger and After Heidegger

As an eco-friendly conference, the 6th P.E.A.CE is not going to distribute hardcopies of conference papers to participants. Soft copies, once received, will be uploaded to this website.


Edwin Cheng Foundation Asian Centre for Phenomenology, RIH, The Chinese University of Hong Kong