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03Border-Crossing: Phenomenology, Interculturality and Interdisciplinarity
(Series “Orbis Phaenomenologicus Perspektiven”) 
edited by Kwok-ying LAU and Chung-chi YU / 
xii + 232 pp / Würzburg, Germany: Verlag König­shausen & Neumann / December 2013
A joint-publication with the Institute of Philosophy, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
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About the book:
The history of phenomenology can be understood essentially as a history of border-crossing: disciplinary, geographical, linguistic, and cultural. Only by crossing borders can we be aware that there is always a beyond of what we have hitherto experienced, thought, and understood. Doing phenomenology is nothing other than daring to experience the un-experienced and thinking the un-thought by way of a constant movement of border-crossing, as Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, and other contemporary phenomenologists have shown.
The essays collected in this volume are issued from part of the papers presented at the 4th International Conference of P.E.A.CE (Phenomenology for East-Asian CirclE) entitled “Border-Crossing”. They are the collective effort of East-Asian phenomenologists from Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, with the support of their American and European colleagues, to continue this centenary philosophical movement of border-crossing.

by Chan-fai CHEUNG, with a foreword by Elmar HOLENSTEIN and two essays by Jeff MALPAS and Kwok-ying LAU /
vi + 138 pp / Hong Kong: Edwin Cheng Foundation Asian Centre for Phenomenology, CUHK (paperback); Bucharest: Zeta Books (e-book) / 2013 Table of contents I Foreword

Phenomenology and Human Experience 
(Series “Libri Nigri”)
edited by Chung-chi YU and Kwok-ying LAU /
xiv + 202 pp / Nordhausen, Germany: Verlag Traugott Bautz GmbH / 2012 Table of contents I Preface

Research on Phenomenology and the Human Sciences: In Chinese

03 《我思、我們信任,社會之奧秘:社會現象學論文集,1997–2007》
282頁 / 台北:漫遊者 / 2009
Cogito, Fidimus et Mysterium Societatis: Essays in Social Phenomenology, 1997 – 2009 (in Chinese)
by Ping-keung LUI / 282 pp / Taipei: Azoth Book / 2009
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02 《凝視、行動與社會世界》
580頁 / 台北:漫遊者 / 2007
Gaze, Action, and the Social World (in Chinese)
by Ping-keung LUI
580 pp / Taipei: Azoth Book / 2007
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01 《社會世界與文化差異:現象學的考察》
239 頁 / 台北:大雁文化及漫遊者 / 2007
Social World and Cultural Difference: A Phenomenological Examination (in Chinese)
by Chung-chi YU
239 pp / Taipei: Andbook & Azoth Book / 2007
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Research on Phenomenology and the Human Sciences: Translations

01 《反思性分析:現象學研究入門》
任沛德 (Lester Embree) 著 / 水軏、靳希平譯
234頁 / 台北:漫遊者 / 2007
Reflective Analysis: A First Introduction into Phenomenological Investigation (in Chinese)
by Lester EMBREE / translated by Yue SHUI & Xiping JIN
234 pp / Taipei: Azoth Book / 2007
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Other Publications

Identity and Alterity: Phenomenology and Cultural Traditions
(Series “Orbis Phaenomenologicus Perspektiven”)
edited by Kwok-ying LAU, Chan-fai CHEUNG and Tze-wan KWAN /
392 pp / Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann / 2010
Table of contents I Preface

Kairos: Phenomenology and Photography
by Chan-fai CHEUNG
with two essays by Hans Rainer SEPP and Kwok-ying LAU
200 pp / Hong Kong: Edwin Cheng Foundation Asian Centre for Phenomenology, CUHK / 2009
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0Phenomenology 2005, vol.1, Selected Essays from Asia, Parts 1 & 2
edited by Chan-fai CHEUNG & Chung-chi YU
793 pp / Bucharest: Zeta Books / 2007
Table of contents

0Husserl's Logical Investigations in the New Century: Western and Chinese Perspectives
edited by Kwok-ying LAU & John J. DRUMMOND
172 pp / Netherlands: Springer / 2007
Table of contents

0 Space, Time, and Culture
edited by David CARR and Chan-fai CHEUNG
271 pp / Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publisher / 2004
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