University Traffic and Parking Regulations


1.    Since July 1, 1989, all private roads in Hong Kong, which include all roads on campus, have been put under the jurisdiction of the amended Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Regulations, Cap 374O.  

2.    With the introduction of the new legislation, the safety provisions now governing the driving conduct of motorists, the licensing of drivers and vehicles, the insurance of vehicles, and the design and maintenance requirements of vehicles on public roads have applied to all vehicles in use on private roads.  As a result, traffic offences committed on campus are liable to prosecution as they are on public roads. 

3.    Also affected is the parking of vehicles on campus, as the amended Ordinance places the responsibility for parking management onto the owners of the roads.  Under the regulations covering private roads, unauthorized parking on designated “no parking” areas will be towed, detained or impounded, by the use of wheel clamps if necessary.  The University is also empowered to charge for such activities before releasing the vehicles to the owners. 

4.     The University Traffic/Parking Regulations are listed below: 


5.     All vehicle drivers and road users on campus shall acquaint themselves with and follow the relevant provisions under the Road Traffic Ordinance and Regulations.  They shall also observe other traffic regulations announced by the University, or directions given by the University security guards. 

6.     All roads on campus are subject to the Road Traffic Ordinance and Regulations.  However, the University campus will continue to be under the management and control of the University Council. 



  1. To be permitted entry to the campus, all vehicles must be registered with the University Security Office and conspicuously display the University Registration Label.
  2. Visitors must be properly identified according to the Supplementary Regulations before entry.


8.          Vehicle drivers and road users on campus must comply with the Road Traffic Ordinance and Regulations.  They must also observe all road signs, speed limits, ad hoc measures and traffic and parking directions given by the University security guards. 

9.     Among other regulations, it is strictly forbidden to: 

  1. drive or permit another person to drive without a valid driving licence;
  2. drive with a learner’s licence; 
  3. teach driving; 
  4. operate a vehicle which has no valid registration with the Government and with the University, or no valid third-party and passenger liability insurance;
  5. operate a motor cycle or scooter without wearing a helmet; or carry a passenger not wearing a helmet on a motor cycle or scooter; 
  6. drive or operate a vehicle in such manner which may be deemed irresponsible or dangerous under the Road Traffic Ordinance and Regulations. 


10.   When a driver or road user has violated any one of the University Traffic Regulations or there is reasonable doubt as to the road-worthiness of a vehicle, a uniformed University security guard may: 

  1. stop the vehicle on the roadside; 
  2. direct it or cause it to be towed to a designated area; 
  3. direct it to leave campus;
  4. apply for the revocation of the vehicle’s University Registration Label or entry permit.

11.   When stopped, a driver must follow the direction of the University security guard, but he may appeal to the Administrative Affairs Committee of the University.  

12.   In case of violation of the University Traffic Regulations by staff members or students of the University, they may be sanctioned by the Academic Staff Review Committee, the Administrative Affairs Committee, the respective College Assembly of Fellows, or the Senate as appropriate.  

13.   The following traffic cases on campus will be referred to the Police for further investigation: 

  1. Traffic accident involving the injury of person/animal.
  2. Traffic accident involving serious damage to property.
  3. Traffic accident causing damage to vehicles concerned only but cannot be settled between the parties concerned.
  4. Failing to stop and/or make a report after a traffic accident.
  5. Driving without a valid driving licence.
  6. Driving with a provisional driving licence.
  7. Driving without a valid third-party and passenger liability insurance.
  8. Driving an unlicensed vehicle.
  9. Dangerous driving.
  10. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  11. Careless driving.

14.   Traffic cases not listed in 13 above may also be referred to the Police if the University deems it necessary. 


15.   These regulations will be conspicuously posted at all entrances to the campus and notice boards, and published in the Newsletters of the University and its Colleges.  

16.   These regulations will become effective from the date of publication until further notice.  These regulations may be amended as required and published for immediate implementation.


(A)   Fee Charging for Visitor Parking  

        Before a vehicle driver who is a visitor to the University is permitted to enter the campus, he is issued with an hourly parking ticket for payment prior to his departure, subject to the following:

  1. Visitor parking on campus is levied at HK$10 per half-hour whilst the first half-hour is free of charge.  HK$20 will be charged for the first hour if parking exceeds half-hour.
  2. Visitor on official business may be exempted from payment if departure is made within the first half-hour.
  3. The schedule of fees for visitor parking is approved by the Administrative Affairs Committee of the University.The University reserves the right to refuse unauthorized entry and parking of visitor vehicles.
  4. Authorized visitor parking may be validated by departments or residents with an official stamp or signature on a coupon to exempt payment.

(B)   Parking Regulations

  1. Parking on campus will be regulated in accordance with the Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Regulations.
  2. Except for vehicles in residential areas, no vehicle is allowed to remain in a parking place on campus for a continuous period of more than 72 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
  3. Overnight parking of visitors’ vehicles on campus is not allowed.  Except for vehicles which are permitted to park in the car parks of the staff residences, vehicles not displaying a valid University Registration Label for staff or student must leave on the same day as they enter the campus.
  4. The University may from time to time designate any place on campus as a restricted parking area by either erecting or placing appropriate road signs or road markings.
  5. Subject to the said Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Regulations, the University may impound, remove and dispose of any illegally parked vehicles, and impose a charge on the owner of a detained vehicle according to the rates prescribed by the said Road Traffic Regulations.
  6. The Director of the Security and Transport Office or his deputy has been designated as an authorized officer under Section 5 of the said Road Traffic Regulations.  

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(with effect from September 1, 2002)


A.    Management of parking Labels/Passes/Coupons

1. Parking LABELS (Only 1 label may be issued to each staff member/eligible person.  Each label can list up to but not more than 2 car numbers.) 

*   Type A/AR 

  1. Eligible holders:
    -   Full-time appointees on Terms (A), (B), (C), (HA), and equivalent terms
        (including those on  no-pay leave or on term secondment from the University) 
       Appointees on fractional time (instead of part-time) appointments of at least 50% 
       Hostel wardens as primary appointment 
       Former VCs/PVCs/College Heads
       Emeritus Professors 
       College Honorary Fellows 
       Senior College Tutors 
       Full-time staff of HK-America Centre 
       Full-time staff of HKIB (& those residing on campus)
     -   Such other cases as may be approved by AAC
  2. Car must be either sedan or private car, or for dual purpose (e.g. station-wagon), and registered under the appointee’s or spouse’s name, provided the appointee has a valid driving licence.  NO commercial goods vehicle. 
  3. “AR” labels shall be issued to residents. Holders of “AR” labels staying on campus quarters with no designated car parks may park overnight on car parks close to their quarters without having to pay a charge. 


*   Type VIP 

  1. Eligible holders: 
    -   All University Council and College Board of Trustees members 
       University Honorary Graduates and Honorary Fellows 
       Guests or VIP designated by VC or AAC as appropriate 

*  Type E 

  1. Eligible holders: 
    - Family of appointees residing on campus 
     Full-time resident appointees without driving licence, but with car driven by a close family  member/relative
       who is permitted to register to reside with the appointee on campus 
     Full-time non-resident appointees without driving licence, but with car registered under appointee’s or spouse’s name 
  2. Only 1 label to be issued to each resident appointee for use by his/her family members 

*   Type C 

  1. Eligible holders: 
    - Resident or non-resident undergraduate students on special and emergency needs only (not for general sporting,
       recreational or activities purposes), as recommended by the Office of Student Affairs or the College Deans of Students
       and approved by AAC 

*  Type S  (For use on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays only) 

  1. Eligible holders
    - Current office bearers of Alumni Associations
     Former Faculty Deans 
     Honorary/Adjunct  teaching staff 
     Honorary Senior Research Fellows and Honorary Research Fellows 
    Eligible Retirees with 10 years or more service (New applicant must produce relevant document) 

*   Type B (fee-charging) 

  1. Eligible holders
    - Resident postgraduate students with car registered under own or spouse’s name 

*   Type D/DD (fee-charging) 

  1. Eligible holders
    - Resident appointees seeking additional label for grown-up children staying with them on campus and agreed by the
    - Resident appointees seeking additional label for car registered under own or spouse’s name and driven by domestic
     Car registered under resident appointee’s or spouse’s family/company with authorisation, and with AAC approval 
     Canteen caterers/catering companies 
     Resident/Non-resident contractors working on campus as approved by the University 
     Employees of other organisations as approved by the University 
  2.  “DD” labels for non-resident holders 

2.  Free validation PASSES
  1. Eligible holders:
    - Qualified part-time appointees 
     Current office bearers of Alumni Associations 
     Visitors on business 
     Visitors to campus residents
  2. Free validation pass is for free parking for up to 5 hours.  More than 1 pass may be used for the same visit, but overnight parking is NOT allowed. 
  3. Departments/Units are responsible for distributing free validation passes to qualified part-time teaching appointees.
  4. Qualified part-time appointee means (a) with a car registered in own or spouse’s name, and (b) who is required to do part-time teaching on campus in the current term. 
  5. Appropriate number of passes for part-time appointees means about 20% more than the total number of teaching days on campus in the current term. 
  6. The Alumni Affairs Office is responsible for distributing free validation passes to current office bearers of Alumni Associations.  Each of them may be given up to 40 free passes each year. 
  7. Departments/Campus residents can give out free validation passes to their respective visitors and may be charged for giving out passes beyond a designated quantity within a certain period of time.

3.  Pre-paid parking COUPONS (at $20 for parking up to 5 hours) 

  1. Eligible holders
    - Resident postgraduate students with car registered under relative’s name
      (Those with car registered under own or spouse’s name can obtain fee-charging “B” labels) 
     Non-resident postgraduate students or PDP students with car registered under own or spouse’s or relative’s name 
     Part-time appointees (also entitled to obtain free validation passes from Departments) 
  2. More than 1 coupon may be used for the same visit. 
  3. Appropriate number of coupons for resident/non-resident postgraduate students with cars registered under their own names or the names of relatives, on the advice of Department/Division Heads concerned, up to about 20% more than the total number of teaching days in the term. 

4.  Other vehicles with no valid parking Labels, Passes or Coupons shall pay the prescribed parking fees. 


B.  Management of Car Parking Space

5.      Controlled Areas  

  1. All roads and parking spaces on or south of Central Avenue and car parks where such control signs are erected are designated as Controlled Areas. 
  2. Overnight parking in Controlled Areas is NOT allowed, except at designated car park by “A” label holders on payment of a prescribed fee(s). [See 10.i. below] 

6.      “Category I” Controlled Areas

  1. Reserved for use by “A” , “AR” , “Am and “VIP” label holders only (unless otherwise specified). 
  2. Include all covered car parks and other designated car parks within the Controlled Areas. 
  3. Signified by a “P” directional sign in blue placed at entrance. 

7.      “Category II” Controlled Areas

  1. Open for use by all vehicles. 
  2. Signified by a “P” directional sign in blue placed at entrance. 

8.      Time-restricted parking in Controlled Areas (Car park adjacent to the MTR University Station) 

  1. The car park adjacent to the MTR University Station is reserved for “A” , “AR” , “Am, “E” and “VIP” labels only, for up to 6 hours parking on each occasion. 
  2. A flat fee of $50 will be charged for parking exceeding 6 hours.  Payment not settled within two weeks after the flat fee notice is issued shall subject the vehicle to clamping if found overstaying on the same parking area next time, and refused renewal of new label until all outstanding payments are fully settled.

9.      Time-restricted parking (Outside Park’N Shop) 

  1. All parking spaces outside Park’N Shop are for use by customers of the bookstore, the supermarket and the bank, etc. for parking up to 30 minutes on each occasion. 

10.    Overnight parking 

  1. Appointees holding “A” labels may apply for overnight parking at designated parking sites* within the Controlled Areas not distant from the MTR University Station.  Nightly coupons (@$20 per night) for overnight parking at these sites can be purchased from the Security Office for a period of not more than 7 consecutive days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays). Also, the coupons can be purchased no more than a week in advance. 
  2. Other than the designated overnight parking sites, overnight parking is NOT allowed in all other Controlled Areas.  All vehicles must be removed from the Controlled Areas before 3:00 a.m. 
  3. Appointees holding “A” labels wishing to park overnight in any of the Controlled Areas (other than the designated overnight parking sites) occasionally for work-related purposes should inform the Security Office in advance. 

11.    Other parking areas 

  1. Other parking areas on campus include: 
    -   residential parking areas, and 
    -   non-residential parking areas outside the two Controlled Areas. 
  2. Residential parking areas are for use by campus residents only. 
  3. Non-residential parking areas outside the two Controlled Areas will be open to all vehicles at all times.  Overnight parking may be allowed (for parking label holders only) in these spaces for a continuous period of not more than 72 hours (not including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays). 

*The designated parking sites for overnight parking are the parking lots next to Shanghai Fraternity Association Research Services Centre and at Site B, Chak Cheung Street.