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The Shaw Prize Lecture

Professor P. James E. Peebles, Winner of The Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2004, delivered The Shaw Prize Lecture entitled “The Discovery of the Expanding Universe” in Shaw College Lecture Theatre on September 8, 2004. The public lecture drew the largest crowd of friends from media with an audience of around 470 from within and outside the University. Prof. Peebles explained how people hit on the idea that the universe may be expanding and the evidence which shows the universe really did expand from a much hotter, denser state.

Welcoming Lunch for 2004-2005

To mark the beginning of the academic year of 2004-2005, The College Head hosted a lunch for a total of 55 college members at the College Staff Dining Room immediately after the Commencement Assembly on Friday, 10 September. Prof. Michael Tam, who has served as Dean of Students from 1995 to 2004 and Prof. Hau Kit-tai, the new Dean, were introduced to the colleagues. New members who participated at the event were introduced one by one, got acquainted with the colleagues as well as getting to know about the College.
Highlight: Chairman of College Committees

Three Committees Chairmen are introduced in this issue of Shaw Net; they are Prof. Joseph Chan, Prof. Woody Chan and Prof. Patricia Chow.

Prof. Joseph Chan is the Chairman of Publication Committee and Editorial Committee on Shaw Link. Prof. Chan joined the University in 1987 and is currently professor of the School of Journalism and Communication.

Prof. Patricia Chow, Professor of the Department of Anatomy, is the Chairman of Mentorship Programme Committee. Prof. Chow also serves as a member on Alumni Affairs Committee and Scholarship and Award Committee.

Prof. Chan Wood-yee, Professor of Anatomy Department was appointed warden of Kuo Mou Hall on August 1, 2004. He has been member of the college Canteen Management Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Advisory Committee on Shaw Link.

New Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Congratulations to the new elected representatives! The below-listed faculty members were elected as representatives to the Board of Trustees:

Prof. Chan Chi Fai, Andrew (Faculty of Business Administration)
Prof. Chan Sin Wai (Faculty of Arts)
Professor Tam Kwok Kan, John (Faculty of Arts)

Lecture Theatre Exhibition

Title: UNNOTICED – Photographs of Hong Kong and China
Artist: Norman de Brackinghe
Date: Oct. 29 – Nov. 15, 2004 (11am – 6pm, Monday – Saturday)
Sponsored by Shaw College Lecture Theatre