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Rule and Procedure for Withdrawal from Hostel

  1. A resident student who wishes to withdraw from the hostel after he/she has registered his/her residence must submit a written application to one of the wardens of the hostel at which he/she has registered.
  2. The applicant must comply with the check-out procedure and move out of the hostel within seven days from the date of his/her being notified of his/her successful application.
  3. The deadline for submitting applications is October 1 in the first term and February 1 in the second term. A successful applicant must pay a sum equivalent to one month’s hostel fee.
  4. A resident who withdraws from the hostel after October 1 in the first term or February 1 in the second term must pay the hostel fee calculated on a monthly basis from the date of his/her registration of residence to the end of that term.
  5. Pursuant to sections 2, 3 and 4, the hostel warden when handling an application may, in consultation with the Secretary of the Student Hostels Management Committee, exercise his/her discretion appropriate to the circumstances.
  6. The authority to interpret this rule shall vest in the Student Hostels Management Committee of Shaw College.


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