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Hostel Information

Kuo Mou Hall

Formerly known as Student Hostel I, Kuo Mou Hall was commissioned in September 1990; it has an accommodation of 576 students and consists of a ten-storey high block and a three-storey low block.

Warden Prof. Woody Chan
Prof Woody CHAN
Prof Kinnia YAU
Resident Tutor 1/F: L104 Mr. CHOI Chun Yeung, Issac, L129 Mr. WONG Kin HO, Bryan
  2/F: L204 Mr. HUI Kwok Lun, Tom, L229 Mr. NG Ka Lok, Lucien
  3/F: L304 Ms. KWOK Hiu Lam, Mavis, L329 Ms. YEUNG Yuen Shan, Jessie
  4/F: H411 Ms. WONG Ho Yan, Elaine
  5/F: H511 Ms. CHAN Wai Ming, Flora 
  6/F: H611 Ms. LIN Cuichan, Vicky 
  7/F: H711 Ms. TSUI Ling, Alice
  8/F: H811 Ms. LAU Yuk Yi, Alyna
  9/F: H911 Mr. NG Ho Yin, Harry 
  10/F: H1011 Mr. FOK Yeung Yeung
Resident Association of Kuo Mou Hall Chairman: Mr. WONG Wai Son, Wilson
  Vice-Chairman: Mr. NG Chek Hay Haywood, Ms. WOO Lok Tung
  Committee Members: Ms. KWOK Hau Lam Chole, Mr. LIU Man Kit Timmy, Mr. CHIU Yat Fung Fred, Ms. TO Wan Ting Wendy, Mr. TSE Chi Sing, Ms. SZETO Kit Man Christy, Mr. LAM Yin Ming Isaac, Ms. LAI Sze Ching Scarlett, Mr. TAM Siu Ying, Mr. WONG Chi Wing, Ms. KAN Ka Wai, Mr. CHEUNG Ting Ching Heston



Hall1   Hall1

Activity Room:
Hall1 Activity Room   Hall1 Activity Room

Hall1 Pantry

Hall1 Room

2 bedroom:
Hall1 Room   Hall1 Room   Hall1 Room   Hall1 Room 

4 bedroom:
Hall1 Room   Hall1 Room   Hall1 Room   Hall1 Room 


Student Hostel II (High block is named Yat Sen Hall)

Student Hostel II consists of two separate buildings, the high and low blocks. In 2011, to commemorate the centenary of the 1911 Revolution, the high block was named 'Yat Sen Hall', with a donation by Dr. LAM Kin Chung and Dr. HO Hau Wong. Connected by a foot bridge, the two blocks provide a total of 635 places.

Warden Prof. LAU Chong-Fuk
Prof. LAU Chong-Fuk
Dr. Lucy Huang
Resident Tutor 1/F: S102 CHAN Shuk Shun, Nicolas
  2/F: S202 Mr. CHENG Ho Lam, Ronald
  3/F: S302 Ms. Pan Li, Lily
  4/F: S402 Ms. YANG Qianmei, May, S433 HO Oi Ting, Tinky
  5/F: S502 Mr. HUNG Siu Fai
  7/F: S702 Mr. LAM Chi Fai David
  8/F: S802 Ms. TAN Lian, Maggie
  9/F: S902 Ms. TONG Wing Sum, Christy
  10/F: S1002 Mr. Tsang Heung Kam, Roy
  11/F: S1101 Mr. LEE Chun Kit, Alan
  1/F: SS156 Mr. Lau Sin Leung, Paul
  2/F: SS256 Ms. Hung Hing Yu, Ada
  3/F: SS356 Ms. Wong Kam Yin, Fion
  4/F: SS456 Mr. CHAN Ching Nam, Aries
Resident Association of Student Hostel II Chairman: Mr. Wong Tsz Chung, Edward 
  Vice-Chairman: Ms. HEUNG Suet Yee, Ms. HO Yee Ling
  Committee Members: Ms. LEUNG Sum Yin, Ms. WONG Yuen Ying, Ms. HO Yan Ting, Mr. WONG Tsz Chung, Mr. SUNG Ka Wai, Ms. CHU Yin Han, Mr. LAM Ngai Wo Wallace, Ms. CHING Sin Tung, Ms. LEUNG Hei Yuet, Mr. MA Hoi Shan



Hall2   Hall2   Hall2

High Block Activity Room:
Hall2 High Block Activity Room   Hall2 High Block Activity Room

Low Block Activity Room:
Hall2 Low Block Activity Room   Hall2 Low Block Activity Room   Hall2 Low Block Activity Room   Hall2 Low Block Activity Room

Hall2 Pantry

Hall2 laundry

2 bedroom:
Hall2 Room  Hall2 Room  Hall2 Room   Hall2 Room 

3 bedroom:
Hall2 Room   Hall2 Room   Hall2 Room   Hall2 Room 

4 bedroom:
Hall2 Room   Hall2 Room   Hall2 Room   Hall2 Room