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Hostel Life

Activity Information / Photo

9th April, 2018, International Gourmets Festival in Kuo Mou Hall

"On the evening of April 9, students from America, Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and South Korea gathered at the Lobby of Kuo Mou Hall, Shaw Chollege, and displayed the special cuisines of their hometown. Each group cooperated together and spent hours to make these delicious food, which was very popular and attracted many passers-by. This International Gourmets Festival not only lets students know more friends from their own country or region, but also provides a platform for students from diverse backgrounds to communicate and learn from each other."

1st March, 2013 Rich Mate Poor Mate II --- Kou Mou Hall Warden Tutor Sharing

Owing to students’ ardent responses to the last Warden Tutor Sharing “Rich Mate Poor Mate” in 2011, the wardens of Kou Mou Hall of Shaw College Prof. Wong Hung and Prof. Woody Chan have once again led our students to Sham Shui Po to visit the residents of subdivided units and the homeless so as to experience another side of Hong Kong. There were altogether around 40 residents of Kou Mou Hall, coming from Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Britain, taking part in such activity. Prof. Wong Hung also invited his students from the Department of Social Work to share their insights with our residents at the Sharing. Both Prof. Wong Hung and Ms. Mei-Wa Leung, the wife of Prof Woody Chan who accompanied us to join the Sharing, are registered social workers, and they offered our students a lot of experienced guidance during the whole journey.


Students set off from Kou Mou Hall by mini-buses. Prof. Wong Hung introduced interview skills and points-to-note of the visit to students on the way to Sham Shui Po

Upon arriving in Sham Shui Po, students were divided into different groups, and started to pay their visits to different tenement buildings.

After visiting the residents, students went to Christian Concern for the Homeless Association to exchange ideas with the homeless, temporary residents there in order to understand their situation and needs. The warden of the temporary hostel explained some points-to-note to students. 

The number of homeless people staying at the temporary hostel is scant. Prof. Wong Hung led students to visit those homeless people staying under the bridge. The homeless people are composed of the elderly and even the youths. The elderly spoke the unintelligible Toishan dialect. Some of the homeless claimed that they preferred living in a more relaxing open area to living in a crammed room.


During the journey, we saw high street stores which only appeared at night.


After the activity, the wardens held a sharing session in a nearby park. Prof. Wong Hung led the participants to discuss a series of issues regarding the grassroots in Hong Kong.

5 Nov 2011 Rich Mate, Poor Mate -- Kuo Mou Hall Warden and Tutor Sharing Activity

To help our residents understand more about the grassroots living status in Hong Kong, Wardens of Kuo Mou hall, Prof. Wong and Prof. Chan, led a group to Sham Shui Po district to visit the people living in cubical apartments and the homeless. Many students joined the activity, including residents of Kuo Mou hall, Hostel II and also students from other colleges. Two exchange students from Japan were also in the group. As a registered social worker in Hong Kong, Prof. Wong is experienced and he shared his skills for interviews and home visits before we set off. Later in Sham Shui Po, with the guidance of wardens, students visited cubical apartment dwellers and the homeless in small teams. In the end, wardens held a sharing session in a park nearby. Each team shared their observations and thoughts. Prof. Wong also led the discussion of a number of issues concerning the grassroots.


While waiting for the shuttle bus in the lobby of Kuo Mou Hall, Prof. Wong shared his skills for interviews and home visits. He showed us how to identify cubical apartments and the topics we should avoid in the interviews.

We got off the bus in front of Pei Ho Street Municipal Services Building and Prof. Wong assigned groups to different blocks to look for cubical apartments.

Prof. Wong led us to the fourth floor of Pei Ho Street Municipal Services Building, from which we could look over to the opposite blocks and identify potential cubical apartments.

Students knocked the doors of a cubical apartment for an interview.


Students climbed stairs of those blocks where lifts are not available. The staircases are in very poor condition.

At the end of the activity, wardens held a sharing session in a park nearby. Each team shared their observations and thoughts. Prof. Wong also led the discussion of a number of issues concerning the grassroots.

3 Nov 2010 Chinese Calligraphy Contest

The hall tutors of Kou Mou Hall and the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society of CUHK co-organized a successful gathering which was held in the lobby of Kou Mou Hall on 3 Nov 2010 for residents. In the beginning, basic skills in Chinese calligraphy and painting were introduced. Free paper, ink and the brushes were provided for practice afterwards. Everyone enjoyed using ink and brushes to write or draw something very much. There was a calligraphy competition in the end. We were most honoured to have our warden, Prof Woody Chan as our judge and present the book vouchers to winners as prizes.

24 Mar 2010 Kuo Mou's Kitchen

"Kuo Mou's Kitchen" co-organized by KMH Resident Association and hall tutors has been successfully held on March 24, 2010 (Wed). The event was well received with a total of 4 teams participating in the contest. Each of the teams was asked to draw lots to pick an ingredient from each of the 3 categories: 1) main course, 2) appetizer and 3) sauce. With their own ingredients, each team had to make a creative dish of own choice. We were very pleased to have Prof Freedom Leung, Dean of Students, Shaw College; Prof Woody Chan, Warden of Kuo Mou Hall; and Uncle Kwai, hostel caretaker to be our honor adjudicators of the contest. The competition was keen and participants were paying every effort, out of the limited time and resources, to make a dish that is creative, delicate and delicious, so as to impress our adjudicators. Thanks to the guidance from our adjudicators and support from the residents, all the 4 teams were able to make an appealing and yummy dish within the specified time, with great compliments from both our adjudicators and residents.

18 Mar 2010 The Night of Cooking @ Hostel II

The resident tutors of Student Hostel II and the Resident Association (2 Vision) co-organized a cooking competition on 18th, March. There were five self-organized teams composed of residents from Hostel II and college students. The names of their teams and their productions were all of high quality and creativity. It was great and honored to have Prof. Joseph Sung (College Head), Prof. Freedom Leung (Dean of Students), Ms. Bonnie Kan (College Secretary) and Ms. Cher Chan (College Canteen Owner) to be the chief judges, and also, Prof. King Ming Chan and Dr. Lucy Huang, wardens of Student Hostel II, to be the notaries. The atmosphere was very hot throughout the function and the residents, both the competitors and the spectators, all enjoyed themselves very much!


18 Nov 2009 Tutor Sharing Activity, Kuo Mou Hall

The first tutor sharing activity of Kuo Mou Hall was held on 18.11.2009. We were glad to invite our caretaker as the guest to share his excellent skills in snooker with our residents. He shared every basic skill with clear explanation and demonstration. Every resident gave a big clap to his excellent performance. Throughout the event, snacks and sweet-soup (prepared by our workmen) were served. At last, a tutor representative was invited to have a game with our caretaker, it was the most exciting moment of the activity. Every resident and tutor enjoyed the night very much.


2 Nov 2009 Opening Ceremony for Celebration of Hostel Foundation Day, Student Hostel II

The Resident Association of Student Hostel II, Power of Two, held an Opening Ceremony for celebrating the Hostel Foundation Day on 2 Nov 2009. A lot of delicious food were served. Prof. King Ming Chan and Dr. Lucy Huang, wardens of Student Hostel II, also came to celebrate with residents. Besides, Prof. Chan painted Chinese calligraphy and wrote down blessing words which put the event to another climax. That night signified the start of a series of celebrating activities to be organized by the Resident Association.

27 Oct 2009 Halloween Movie Night

The resident tutors of Student Hostel II organized a Halloween movie night on 27 October. A horrible film called Juon: The Grudge was broadcast. Snacks and dessert were served at the same time. Most participants enjoyed the movie and stayed until the end, although some residents left earlier due to the dreadful atmosphere.

Floor Gatherings at Student Hostel II and the Cross-floor Gathering in October

The Resident Association and the resident tutors of Student Hostel II co-organized a number of floor gatherings on each floor in October. Foods and drinks were served at the gatherings and the residents relished the chance of knowing more about their neighbours. For the Cross-floor Gathering organized by the Resident Association, besides the devoted residents, it was great and honored to have Prof. King Ming Chan and Dr. Lucy Huang, wardens of Student Hostel II, to participate in the event. The residents also enjoyed the game section designed by the Resident Association, Power of Two.


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